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Start date: Feb 17, 2015, End date: Aug 16, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

iDoc was a 9-day Youth Exchange organised under Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + programme that took place in the province of Palermo (IT) from the 6th to the 15th of May 2015. Coordinated by Associazione di promozione sociale Maghweb in partnership with EN.O Greece, it involved 16 young people aged from 18 to 30 and 2 youth leaders for a total of 18 participants. Main purpose of iDoc started from the need to promote environmental awareness and social dialogue among young people in the two regions involved, both considerably affected by youth unemployment and lack of participation of young people in civil society as well as environmental issues. Both Maghweb and EN.O consider non-formal learning and creativity effective tools for the development of young peoples’ skills and competences as well as for the promotion of social dialogue and exchange. iDoc therefore provided participants with the ideal opportunity to share, discuss and live together while discovering best practices in the field of environmental protection in the province of Palermo. Objectives of iDoc were also: - To foster awareness about the environment, climate change and natural heritage - To provide young people with specific instruments and methodologies that will enable intercultural exchange and social dialogue across Europe - To improve young peoples’ ICT skills and enable them to use modern communication instruments and channels in a safe and effective way - To allow young people representing the various social strata in their respective countries to exchange ideas and best practices - To provide youth with the opportunity and tools to become actors for change at both a local and European level - To provide young people with employable skills - To promote healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities The participants had the chance to discover nature reserves in the province of Palermo as well as the city itself and the vibrant historical neighbourhood of Ballarò. They were initiated to video-making techniques using day-to-day materials such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras and participated in the creation of a short documentary film that has been screened during the final event in Palermo and then diffused on television and Internet and during a follow-up event organised by EN.O. Participants acquired new knowledge, awareness and skills, plus a developed sense of creativity via the following activities: - Presentations of local initiatives in partner countries - Meetings, discussions and debates with actors of Sicilian civil society - Nature excursions and orienteering - Practical workshops - Ice-breakers and energisers - Day-to-day organisation and sharing of tasks such as meal preparation - The organisation of the final documentary screening Methodologies used included videomaking, outdoor activities, non-formal learning activities and non-verbal communication. The participants were selected in order to ensure diversity of socio-cultural backgrounds and gender balance. Expected learning outcomes for participants included improved social and intercultural skills, heightened environmental awareness, increased sense of creativity and initiative and acquisition of ICT skills and their application in a safe and effective way. The local communities were highly involved and moreover increased their knowledge of the project themes as well as the Erasmus + programme and the opportunities contained therein. The impact were local, national and European thanks to the high visibility of the final product (a short documentary film) that was diffused during two local screenings and released on Internet and to international press organs. Long-term impact is considerable, with all involved benefitting from the acquired competences and awareness listed above as well as an increased European contact database. The ideation of follow-up projects on the last day of activities contributed not only to further diffusing the project themes but also to improve cooperation and social dialogue across Europe.
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