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Ideoita uuden opetussuunnitelman toteuttamiseen, uusia opetusmenetelmiä ja toiminnallisuutta oppitunneille sekä fyysistä vireyttä ja hyvinvointia koulun arkeen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The new national curriculum is now being developed at local level and we have been reflecting on the policies of our daily life at school. International cooperation is yet to be ingrained in the culture of our school and we have also noticed, among other things, that our teaching methods are in need of updating. We need a better skill set to activate and encourage our pupils to participate in activities that enhance their mental and physical well-being. We charted those among our staff that would be interested in participating in a project that would develop these aspects, and eleven teachers signed up. This is a rather good number, since there are 36 teachers altogether in our school. Together we formed a team and started a project, the purpose of which is to gain new ideas for the local level development of the new national curriculum. Furthermore, we aim to come up with new teaching methods and activities, which would enable "learning by doing", as well as to increase general well-being in our daily life at school by means of physical activities, and finally, we also hope to improve our ICT skills. Our project now includes four class teachers, two PE teachers, three language teachers, one ICT teacher and one crafts teacher, who is also responsible for the ICT equipment at our school. The teachers have between 10 to 29 years of experience in the field and are all looking for an invigorating shot-in-the-arm to help them develop in their profession. Nine out of the eleven teachers would like to participate in international courses, while the two PE teachers would like to participate in job shadowing in order to learn about the Danish version of what we call "Liikkuva koulu" (a program that aims to increase pupils' physical activity during school days). The purpose of our project is to further educate our staff, so the teachers involved will naturally benefit at an individual level by improving and updating their professional skills. However, we also aim to share the benefits of this program in a multitude of ways. Pupils will benefit not only from the updated teaching methods of their teachers, but also from the better skill set the teachers have of activating and encouraging the pupils to learn by doing and being physically active. Also, the courses can offer chances to start international cooperation by means of, for example, eTwinning. The pupils will also have more choice in optional courses and clubs, better chances to be physically active at school, and more versatile and stimulating learning experiences in class. We also aim to share what we learn not only with our colleagues at our school, but also with schools from the neighbouring communities. This will be done by means of training days and teachers' meetings. The class teachers' course will give them tools to improve the mental and physical well-being of pupils and teachers alike, and they will create a one-year-project for the school based on these themes. The PE teachers' job shadowing will provide us with ready-made formulae to be implemented in our physical education program and the new curriculum. These PE teachers serve as regional coordinators for the "Liikkuva koulu" program so they can share what they learn with teachers across the whole country. By educating our language teachers we hope to develop our language teaching more towards "learning by doing" and to better equip our language teachers for the possibilities and challenges that the new curriculum will offer us. The impacts of this training will immediately be present in the classroom in the forms of updated teaching methods, increased use of authentic materials, as well as improved spoken English and vocabulary used by the teachers. Both teachers involved with the ICT can update their knowhow and pass it on to pupils, as well as arrange ICT training for teachers. This will help us to update our ICT skills and make better use of ICT in our teaching. By means of the international mobility included in this project we believe that the working culture in our school will take a step into a more international direction. We also believe that this will provide us with material for both planning and implementation of the new curriculum. And, finally, we believe that, with the help of the new skills learned in this program, we can direct our learning and teaching towards ways that involve more learning by doing, more interaction, more efficient use of ICT and methods that improve the well-being of everyone in our school.
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