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Identity and Difference - Creative Artistic Exercises as Didactic Support in Adult Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

ARTID develops and tests artistic activities for the promotion of key competences inadult education. Cooperation between five adult education institutions and a pedagogicresearch institute from different European countries will be conducted for that purpose.Every partner will apply a research and development process focusing on thedevelopment, test and optimization of a new adult education action related to thethematic frame “Identity and Difference” with artistic activities as a core element. Inthese actions the participants shall be made aware of their own cultural, social andpersonal identity in a way that promotes their ability to appreciate diversity anddifferences to increase enrichment to their personal, social and cultural life.The partners will address very different target groups, which all are entangled in specificcultural and social tensions:• Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland• people with and without migration backgrounds in Germany• members of different generations in Austria• representatives of the Italian, German and Ladin culture in South Tyrol• people with and without ability restrictions in Lithuania.Through this, transferable approaches to cultural and social education for these targetgroups will get developed on one side and on the other, the project will test, analyse,and systematically evaluate the potential and effect of artistic exercises in adulteducation to change adverse behaviour and attitudes and by that provide innovativeimpulses for the work with groups with low educational achievement.Practical guidelines and materials for a successful application of artistic exercises inadult education will be developed, providing the possibility for adult educationinstitutions all over Europe to improve the effectiveness and attractiveness of their work.Results will be widely published and, in the context of a European Network on “Art inAdult Education”, disseminated to the European Education System.
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