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Identifying, developing and sharing best practice approach for engaging with, retaining and working with Young Travellers
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of this project is to identify,design, test and implement and widely share a Recommended Best Practice Approach to working with Traveller Youth. The rationale is based on evidence from each of the 4 participating partners. The project will also aim to meet and address a number of priorities and objectives of a range of policy and programmes; The seminal document European Youth Strategy 2012-2018– Investing and empowering Youth (European Commission: 2009) acknowledges that young people are one of the most vulnerable groups in society, especially in the current economic and financial crisis, while at the same time they are a precious resource. Young Travelers because of their minority ethnic status, history of social exclusion and poverty and traditional alienation for mainstream public service provision are even more vulnerable than their settled counterparts but are nevertheless an equally precious resource to society at large. This project seeks to establish best practice approach in the provision of supports and services to Traveler youth in the context of the delivery of a mainstream integrated youth services model. By developing a best practice approach the partners seek to improve the outcomes for young people relating to a number of key policies an at national, international and European levels. The key touchpoints are; Irish Government Better Outcomes-Brighter Futures 2014 (Outcome1: Active and healthy,Outcome 2: Achieving full potential, Outcome 3: safe and protected from harm, Outcome 4: Economically secure, Outcome 5: Connected, respected and contributing to their world), Erasmus+ (enhancing the quality of youth work, development of new and innovative approaches, fostering key competencies,improving the capacities of organisations,fostering equality and inclusion,promoting inter-regional and cross border cooperation, collaborative learning and critical thinking) European Youth Strategy 2010-2018- Investing and Empowering Youth (social inclusion, health and well-being,culture and creativity,youth and the world,development of youth work,enhanced cross sectoral policy cooperation,participation, rights, active citizenship), Europe 2020 (reduce early school leaving,increased participation in tertiary education,unemployment, social exclusion and mobility), Youth Policy Agenda 2020 (human rights, living together in diverse societies,social inclusion of young people),UNCRC (rights of the child). Involve LTD Strategic Plan, Youth Work Ireland Strategic Plan, YouthAction Northern Ireland Strategic Plan, 5 Nations Strategic Partnership Priorities. Each partner brings a specific set of complimentary skills and competencies and experiences to the partnership which will contribute greatly to the sharing of new skills across each partner. The partners have set some key priorities for the partnership; • Priority1: Promote the best practice approach development for those engaging and working with young Travellers • Priority 2: Build contemporary alliances between young people and those who work with young people • Priority 3: Improve outcomes for young Travellers, awareness of Cultural Identity, resilience and employability in young people • Priority 4: Develop an on line bank of knowledge (research, articles, practice, video uploads, short films, TED talks etc) which can be accessed and maximised by organisations, service designers and managers, policy shapers and influencers, volunteers, and professionals alike.Strategic outputs will include: - A best practice guide for service designers, policy makers and managers -An online resource and best practice guide,15 thematic seminars, focus groups, conferences and workshops with 800 participants (560 local, 240 foreign),- Models disseminated through University of Ulster, NUI Maynooth, North-South Ministerial Council, British-Irish ParliamentaryAssembly, European Confederation of Youth Clubs. Innovative dissemination will occur at every stage completion of the project, and on completion and follow up phases also. A draft work plan has been devised: Desktop research and current practice literature review , 8 focus groups to gather the perspectives of key stakeholders on current approaches, "Kick off" showcase, evaluation and workshop event ,Best practice approach design,Piloting of best practice approach in 4 test groups for 6 months, Review and reflection on learnings from test and pilot phase / incorporation into amended best practice approach, Development and subsequent launch of online resource and best practice approach toolkit for stakeholders ,Youth led development of policy framework & identification of future policy reform and advocacy issues and to identify future KA2, KA3 partnerships. A combination of quality frameworks be used throughout and logic modelling will be utilized as an outcomes based approach to measuring impact. Widespread dissemination will occur across multiple fora and channels throughout and on conclusion.

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