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Identify (with) your well-being
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ is an empowering process which can lead to positive life changes and minimizes negative impact on one’s mental health and wellbeing. We believe that each individual is unique and by embracing this diversity, we can enrich ourselves and indeed society. Within the context of this diversity we take into consideration one’s sexual and gender identity and societal norms that define and set up the limits of acceptable behavior and ways of being and expressing. Sexual and gender identity is a complex issue, influenced by culture and the social environment in which people live. It’s often seen as something that shouldn't be discussed openly and it still provokes a lot of controversy and shame. In order to live a wholesome and more meaningful life, we need to understand social, cultural and personal aspects that influence one's identity, and well-being. An essential question we want to answer throughout this TC, is how can youth workers an people who work with young people create an environment that empowers young people to freely express their own sexual/gender identity and live a more fulfilling life? The capacity to express one’s inner truth and their unique qualities can only occur if supported by the people and systems around us. This is where youth workers play a crucial role. Youth workers need to create diverse environments that support personal growth, self-expression, self-discovery, empowerment, inner diversity and wellbeing of young people. In order to be able to support that, they need to equip themselves with new skills, techniques and capacities.Overall aimThe aim of this training course is to enable participants to cultivate capacities in their own environments that encourage and empower young people to discover, understand and express their authentic self and inner diversity. Objectives of this training course are:• To increase awareness of our own inner processes and capacities in a holistic way (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual aspects) and explore how they are contributing to our WB• To understand social, cultural and environmental aspects that influence our sexual/gender identity• To provide space for participants to understand and overcome blockages related to expressing our inner self• To stimulate the curiosity, vulnerability, confidence and resilience of the participants• To support participants in developing capacities that are transferable to their own environment• To cultivate growth mindset and lifelong learning attitude and approach when supporting young people• To provide space for sharing and exchanging good practices around sexual /gender identity and WB• To learn more about the Erasmus+ program and its actions, and Youth Pass as a tool of recognition of the key competencesTraining course will take place in Ireland from 09.10.2016 to 15.10.2016. We will gather 27 participants from Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria. This training course will be based on non-formal and informal education with a self-directed learning approach. The working methods will include case studies, working in pairs and small groups, visualizations, sensory awareness activities, contemplations, team building activities, role plays, workshops developed by the participants, discussions, and self-assessment. Participants in this training course will be youth workers, teachers and individuals who already work in the area of sexuality and/or want to learn more about good practices around sexual and gender identity and topic of well-being. The project activities will be designed in a way that empowers participants to cultivate capacities in their own environments that support expression of sexual and gender identity of young people. After the training course, youth workers will have better understanding of the terms connected to the sexual/gender identity and the well-being of young people. These new competences will increase their capacities to integrate and support sexual and gender minorities in their local working environments. Participants will also acquire new competences on how to minimize negative impact on young people’s well-being, by gaining better understanding of social, cultural and personal aspects that influence one’s identity and inner diversity. By being part of multicultural environment, participants will be able to identify common values and issues they are facing when supporting young people, despite coming from different countries and cultural backgrounds. This will offer them with the opportunity to build networks and international contacts; important for future ERASMUS+ projects and cooperation on European level. This diverse social, linguistic, sexual and cultural environment will support development of the soft skills, such as listening, empathy, growth mindset, reflecting, etc... which will improve quality of their work with young people.
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