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Ideation, Preservation, Presentation of Contemporary Visual Arts

In the European context, from the analysis of the university didactic programme, it emerges the lack of an integrated curriculum focused on the interdisciplinary net connected to the study of technological arts (cinema, video art, video installations and media art) in the contemporary cultures. There is also the absence of professionals able to respond to the demand for innovation currently emerging from the transformation of the art system. The University programme IPPCVA is meant meet the requirements using methodologies aimed at training and specializing high-qualified professionals with innovative skills at cultural mediation for the “complexity” of the contemporary art system as far as both ideation, production organization and exposition aspects and as far as the archiving and the preservation of the works are concerned. The IPPCVA programme aims at providing the participants with the proper theoretical and practical tools and methods for management, tutoring and advice tasks, in the macro fields of ideation, setting up and preservation, to be fulfilled in public or private institutions and organizations devoted to art or interested in investing in the art sector (above all in Media Arts) and in artistic communication. The IPPCVA Programme proposes to train these professionals through the theoretical preparation and the case analysis of the most important Museums and Art Galleries. These professionals will be able to perform as a mediator between artists and art organizations for a more correct preservation, spread, protection and promotion of contemporary visual arts sub specie tecnologica. The IPPCVA project will be dedicated to the development of a network of institutions (museums, archives, galleries, universities, research centres) as well as a series of innovative teaching products and processes in the field of the conservation, restoration and exhibition of electronic arts. The project will lead to the constitution of a Professional Master Course Joint Degree that will put together the four Universities involved and the other partners of the network. The project aims to make a series of private enterprises (museums, distributors, galleries, festivals dedicated to contemporary arts) interact with the institutional education centres dedicated to the research in the field of electronic arts, in order to create a common know-how, design a series of innovative educational products and to train a new series of professionals.
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