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Ideas into Action – Entrepreneurship for youth workers based on local economy needs
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Ideas into Action project is borne from the rationale that Across the EU, we recognise that the health, sustainability and competitive edge of our economies depend on our YP having ideas and setting up businesses successfully. This understanding is transposed in the EU economic strategy “Europe 2020” and embedded within the detail of its various Flagship Initiatives. However, this recognition is set within a context where EU’s performance in successfully fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of its YP lags behind the optimum and endangers us in comparison to some of our global competitors. It is also the case that comparative performance of member states & their regions in this regard is variable across Europe, suggesting significant scope for learning from each other and for spreading best practice across the EU Across the EU, there is a plethora of initiatives operating at transnational, national, regional and even local levels. Whilst the volume of activity is good, there are concerns that the landscape of provision is too complex, and that many “all-age” initiatives in relation to entrepreneurship are not suitable for YP. This project seeks to address these challenges by exploring all the factors above & developing practical, youth-friendly solutions towards a stronger & more equitable service by capturing, nurturing & capitalising on YPs entrepreneurial spirits Project objectives • For partners to learn from and with each other; • To instill, foster & support a spirit of entrepreneurship in YP, through development of effective frameworks & training tools for YP and those who work with them; • To empower YP – especially those at possible risk of exclusion from the labour market - with the skills & tools to relate to their own world & to contribute to the sustainable growth of the local economy In addition the main need to address is for empowerment of YP / Youth workers in a range of non-formal areas to improve their personal skills to help them succeed in life, business & take control of their future. The project addresses other EU priority needs such as; improving digital skills of YP, encouraging use of OER and providing open & flexible learning; improving capabilities & knowledge exchange between actors in members states, including in practical application of ICT as an educational resource. Making resources available in Romanian, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Dutch & Italian addresses the need to produce OER in diverse European languages The partnership consists of seven partners representing six countries,:UK, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia & Netherlands. Each partner has unique skills and experience and experience of working with YP. Some partners have extensive experience whilst one partner has not been involved in EU projects previously. The applicant is a UK Further Education College, which focuses on vocational training for the 16-19 age group. The second UK partner is a social enterprise with extensive experience in evaluation and quality assurance. The Italian partner has extensive experience of EU projects and specialises in Quality systems in engineering. The Lithuanian partner , works with youth internships. The Romanian partner has extensive experience of soft skills development and employability skills. The Slovakian partner expertise lies in facilitating intensive international youth experiences which focus on team working and entrepreneurship skills, while the Netherlands partner has experience including guiding new entrepreneurs from a social security situation towards their own enterprise The project activities consists of national 'State of the Art' research projects, amalgamated to form an international comparison report. Then using this the development of a training course framework for Youth Workers & Young People, with a module on how to localise its content to focus training on local economic needs. The training course will include technologies which appeal to YP, interaction with other partner groups, physically and virtually. Development and presentation of entrepreneurial ideas (individually or in small groups) to panels of experts and with remote Peer group evaluation. Two sets of training will pilot the course to Youth Workers, who will cascade to YP. A digital platform will be developed to host various activities. And a 2 day Intensive Training Session and Blended Training package will be delivered to 14 Youth workers or YP. As well as standard methods of dissemination, Six multiplier events will take place, one held in each partner country. Results and impact include 56 Youth workers trained and 280 YP cascaded to. 360 involved in online activities, The partners aim to engage at least ten local and regional organisations. Young people will be more empowered and skilled to establish commercial and social enterprises. A Web presence, online platform and downloadable intellectual outputs will all help to sustain the project in the long term.
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