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İdeal Okulum
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays, one of the major causes of schools of being below the required level of education is the deficiency in the "school management". Rather than traditional implementations which don’t work anymore or meet the needs of organizaitons, it is crucial to adapt and apply a contemprary education system supported by ICTs. Directors and teachers (8 staff) working in IMKB Anatolian High School will have 5-day training in the following issues that included in 2015 Erasmus School Education priorities; "school management, professional development of staff, pedagogical development, human resources management and strategy” by expert educators from a host organization with proven success in this field in Finland that has one of the world's best educational system. Our aim in "Ideal School Project"; to promote the professional development of our school participants, to develop harmonious relationships among our school staff, to provide the efficient use of new technologies, to develop innovative curriculum, to improve social and academic achievement of our school, to take measures on the prevention of school dropouts, to improve European awareness of school employees, to gain knowledge and skills in the field of pedagogical school management and human resources by comparing school managements in Europe. Participants are determined according to transparent criteria by considering their contributions to the development of our school's institutional capacity. The school director and his assitant who are the responsible persons for the implementation of educational activities and 3 other branch teachers preparing the school's 5-year strategic plan are included in the project team considering to be more efficient by international training. English teacher with his former project experience is in the team for project communication, enabling the organization and coordination. As school counsellor, interested in personal and professional development of students and also computer teacher, interested in effective use of innovative ICT are included in the project team with the idea that they offer a significant contribution to the project. These staff are determined as participants of the training with the approval of the other staff in order to support achieving the project aim. The participants will take an active role in improving the quality of education at school, dissemination and good practices within project activities. The appropriate activities in accordance with the project aims will be carried out before, during and after project mobilities. As soon as we get the project grant, “İdeal School Project” will be introduced through informative broucheres and meetings with all school staff, students, parents, the high school representatives in the city center and also local media representatives. Our participants will have 50 hours of English language training, and also they will be informed about the education and training of Finland and its culture, history, lifestyle to prevent risks there. The training will be done on 21 - 25 July 2015 with the idea of not to disrupt the educational activities by an institution whose experts have international education experience and the participants will have a 5-day training on school quality management, school heads through history, past and present, the role of administrators and teachers at school, the school team practice, human resource management and adaptation innovative technologies in education. After the project, educational stakeholders in the province will be informed with informative brochures and meetings, everybody will be able to access to all the results of the project through school newsletters and website. We will be in constant contact with the course provider organization before project mobility to create the content of training program.Training materials and best practices on school management will be provided by technological support during the traininig. Participants will have comprehensive information on school management and they will share information, concrete outputs and experiences, individually or in group works. The project will contribute to complete personal and professional development of school staff to train our students who are caring on rationalism and science, researcher, critical questioner, honest and good morals, environmentally friendly, peacefu with himself and society, productive, creative that is our basic school mission. All the school's staff and all education stakeholders will benefit from project activities. Our project will contribute increasing professional competence of school staff and develeopment ouf organization capacity by learning activities which are the EU's priorities that are strengthening European cooperation, promoting democratic life and active citizenship in Europe, recognition of other cultures, increasing tolerance towards others, international cooperation and increasing professional competence of staff.
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