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ICTVTESHITECHSMES – ICT-Supported Vocational Training in European Standardisation for Hi-Tech SME’s in Software & Networking Sectors

The high-tech sector in Europe needs standardisation to meet the requirements of the knowledge and information society. Apparently there is a lack of knowledge and competence towards the process of standardisation in the sector which leads to a lower level of competitiveness and thus product quality in general. This project wants to improve the skills and competences in the area of European standardisation and standardisation as a whole of the staff engaged in hi-tech SME’s in the sectors of software development and networking. Major aim is to develop a flexible vocational training system in European standardisation for hi-tech SME’s in these sectors. Developing this ICT-supported vocational training programme the project wants to facilitate the access of the staff engaged to learning by introducing a flexible learning method, facilitate the process of assimilation, comprehension and application of European standards and create an active involvement and commitment of the target group in the European Standardisation Process. Target groups are mainly staff engaged in hi-tech SME’s, students/graduates with a university degree in Engineering or Business Administration who are about to start their own business, all in the sector of software development and networking. Potential users and beneficiaries will be hi-tech SME’s top and executive managers, engineers and technologists, professionals involved in the process of development and localisation of European standards, consultants, unemployed, and teachers/tutors in the respective area. The outcomes of the project will be disseminated via information sessions, writing articles, participating in conferences and seminars, organising seminars and workshops, exhibitions, distributing leaflets and brochures.
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