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ICT-VET Survey and Analysis: The Observation, Surveying and Analysis of the Dynamics of Practice in the use of ICT as a Tool for Learning in Vocational Education and Training and SMEs

The project will advance the understanding of the major issues in the use of ICT for learning in vocational training environments and in-service training within SMEs.It will identify and analyse innovative practice, as a basis for policy development and will provide models and guidelines for practitioners.Activities will include a survey of enterprises, literature reviews, case studies (to be published as a 'case base' of good and illustrative practice in the field) and a series of collaborative analyses of major issues and focus groups in each partner country (involving researchers, developers, practitioners. Social Partners and policy makers). Special attention will be paid to policy development through European funding (to include European Social Funds under Objectives 1 and 2).The outcome of the project will be methodology, supported by thematic studies and best practice examples to assist in the production of effective ICT based training materials, for use by researchers, developers (software and other), Social Partners, policy makers and SMEs. Results will be published in all partner languages via a dedicated public website, through the release of policy papers and as a separate publication.Dissemination will target researchers and policy makers through attendance at relevant network conferences and seminars (i.e. CEDEFOP, FORUM, EERA, EDEN, CiRN, Educa On-Line)
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