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ICT vaardigheden in de les
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

HLW is a school in Amsterdam West with mainly students from an immigrant background (mostly Turkish and Moroccan). This type of student has specific needs and expectations. In order to fulfil these better, our school is renewing its educational system based on a new vision. One of the core principles of our educational innovation is that we work together to find a way to offer these students the knowledge and skills that they need to prepare them better for their future role as global citizens. Starting point hereby are the so-called "21st Century Skills", which focus on the new competences needed in our modern time. The skills are: collaborative working, social and cultural skills, communication, problem solving capabilities, critical thinking, creativity and computer technology skills. The use of computer technology is not only a goal in itself but also the medium to develop all the other skills in a way that suits our type of student and the times in which we live. As there is a shortage of teachers at our school that can develop this technological aspect, it has been decided to set up a special ICT project. This project necessitates the training of staff. As part of our new educational philosophy, students will follow "World lessons". Their regular school day of lessons ends at 14.30 and after that they will be offered special "World lessons" that fit their specific needs, interests and helps them develop any knowledge or skills deficiencies they may have. In a series of 8 lessons, the students will work on a project, subject or skill. The use of information technology hereby would offer a tremendous added value. Another key element of our educational innovation program is the introduction of "Versterkt Engels" (an advanced English program). The emphasis of this program will not only be on English as a "global language", but also on "European and International Orientation" (EIO). Due to their cultural and religious background, our students do not always unambigously feel part of our Dutch society, let alone of our European community. Herein lies an important job for the teacher who can enthousiastically expose them to new cultural, social, political and religious ideas and customs. As our students are less exposed to the English language than the average non-immigrant Dutch student, an extra emphasis on English is desirable. That is one of the reasons that we will be offering "Versterkt Engels". To this end, it is important that the teachers have a high level of English communication skills, which is supported by regular further training in a native-speaker environment. The use of information technology will help teachers bring across the English language skills in a more varied way and also serve to stimulate students to engage with the English language outside school hours. Two of our teachers will, after having completed the information technology course, take the lead in implementing actions in line with the targets of above mentioned educational innovation. They have been elected because of their extensive experience with our type of student and their insights into their specific educational needs. Both are English teachers, one in the lower years and one in the upper years classes. Attending different courses will allow them to exchange information, material and networks. It will also give them the opportunity to give different input for new lesson ideas, the creation of new material and the setting up of "World classes" using modern technology.

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