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ICT Learning and Training - An Exploration of Data in the EU

ICT Learning and Training will both investigate policies and ascertain types of information (data) held within EU countries in relation to ICT learning and training.The project will establish data availability and gather examples of good practice at individual Member State and at EU level as regards: ICT learning/training policies and initiatives, the acquisition of ICT skills, provision for training in ICT, perceived effectiveness of provision, impact upon employability and the extent to which ICT education and training is adequate to ensure the competitiveness of the EU.Four primary work phases are planned, these are: establishment of an observatory of policies, information and data (to cover a minimum of eight Member States), surveying of selected SMEs, transnational organisations and state-run bodies (to cover key sectors within a minimum of eight Member States), interviews with ICT experts in universities, institutes and companies (across a minimum of four Member States) and development of indicators and proposals for data collection in relation to ICT learning/training and proficiency.New statistical indicators (addressing ICT use, training, competence, training needs and cost) will be proposed along with possible data collection scenarios. Data contributors will be regularly updated on project activity through the establishment of a dedicated project website to act as a central information tool.Primary target groups for the results of the project include policy-makers (at regional, national and international level), Social Partners, training providers, trainers, teachers and individual suppliers of ICT.

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