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ICT In Education Course
Start date: 04 Jul 2016, End date: 03 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The LYKEIO ARCHANGELOU APOSTOLOS MARKOS is a public high school that always tries to innovate in Information and Communication technologies. Our school’s main policy is to provide the necessary opportunities and incentives for the teacher’s continuous training on pedagogical issues, issues of contemporary educational methodology as well as in technological applications needed in education. This project focus on -useful educational Internet tools that will help teachers in their daily work, -introducing educational and communication opportunities that social media and social networking provide, -providing in depth training for most efficient e-learning tools. -performing an e-lesson.We’ll participate in this project with 4 teachers . An English teacher – A deputy head of the Language Department of the School , two Physics Teachers and the contact teacher –an ICT teacher who is an e-Twinning Ambassador . This project will allow our staff to be educated on Information and Communication technologies and pass and apply the information gained to the rest of the school (teachers and students) and other teachers from other schools.Our objectives – based on the school΄s needs , are to increase our proficiency in using technology in our classrooms, and to learn how to use effectively e-learning platforms in our online courses. Besides through the project to achieve professional development for our teachers in order to use innovative teaching methods and tools on ICT that will help students improve knowledge and skills and have better learning outcomes . Impact expected for the SchoolHaving more qualified staff on ICT by improving the quality and innovasion capacity of their teachingIn terms of Quantity the school intends to reach about 80 teachers and 200 pupils through impementing the project Boost the joint work and project based teaching by strengthening interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary lessonsEnhancing the image of the schoolFurther motivate the teaching staffImpact expected for the staffAlso the training activity will have a positive effect on our staff . The new knowledge obtained (the current Internet tools and social networks that the other European systems are using) will be passed to all of our colleagues (ICT teachers and teachers of other subjects). Soft and hard copies of all lesson materials will be presented to the staff in order to generate interest in e-learning. Impact expected for the pupilsThe knowledgeand skills gained will be passed to our students since they will be implemented in our daily work at school .Impact expected for teachers from other schools Teachers from other schools will benefit through presentations , conferences , workshops , articles published in the press etcActivities for the evaluation:1. Collect information on achievements and compare with initial objectives. Have a feedback and a report from the project team (by asking questions like what went well, what could have been done better, what actions where different to the plan) and need corrective actions.2. Questionnaires will be given to groups of students involved in ITC actions to assess if the students had benefits from the implementation of the project concerning key competences (knowledge and skills) and more positive attitudes towards a lesson before and after the project. 3. Questionnaires will be given to groups of students involved as well as to groups of students not involved to see if there is a difference in their performance.4. Comparison will be made on the final exam results between the groups of students involved in the project and the groups that were not involved.Sharing our findings:1. Other teachers in our school will be informed in a staff meeting in September.2. We will organize seminars for our school teachers in order to provide training on knowledge gained from the project.3. Seminars will also be organized by our Physics teachers in collaboration with other organizations such as the Physics Teachers Association, The Cyprus Physicists Society etc so that more teachers in Cyprus will be informed on ICT actions.4. We will report back to regional administration.5. We will use the e-twinning platform to transfer the knowledge in future projects.6. The findings will be presented on the schools webpage and facebook page.7. Sharings will also be published in the school newspaper so that parents and the local community be informed about the actions.
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