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ICT for Interculturality, Citizenship and Teamwork

I.C.T. (Interculturality, Citizenship and Teamwork) project was aimed at developing pupils' awareness to language and culture diversity and enriching their experiential repertoire through a range of actions. Within a collaborative approach, they discovered, explored and appreciated other cultural practices and perspectives. The project was registered on the eTwinning portal which provided all the partners ICT tools to access the project twinspace where the support materials and project products were posted and the discussion forums held. First term of school year 2009/2010 was dedicated ‘to build/strengthen a healthy ground for collaborative work.’ Students first met each other ‘virtually’ by exchanging email and sharing introduction videos. They saw each other first time in first exchange in Portugal. Before the end of first term, they exchanged Christmas greeting and Christmas recipes. During both Years 2010 and 2011: three eTwinning projects were created: “May Justice be Done”, “For Earth Sake” and “Sign up and Connect” where all the resources generated for the project and the students’ products can be accessed. Ethnographic studies on social rules in the context of family, friends, school circles; research on environmental issues like Natural disasters; on Heroes who fought for freedom were conducted by students and developed collaboratively. Campaigns against domestic pollution, dating violence and bullying were organised and motions for a mock trial were held; ‘trailers’ and videos were made, as a result from the discussion among the partners schools. During both school years, the project was integrated in regular lessons of English, Sciences, and Civics. Students were expected, at the end of each term, with their eTwinning group to develop a final product which should be grounded on intercultural interaction and collaborative work with their Comenius/eTwinning partners.

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