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i4us - Lehrer/innen entwickeln Konzepte für inklusiven Unterricht im dualen System
Start date: Nov 1, 2014, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the German Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen a law has been passed that guarantees inclusive education from school year 2014/2015 onward. For students entering the system of vocational education and training inclusive teaching starts some time later, in the school year 2015/2016. However, we as teachers in the college of vocational education do already have inclusion students in initial vocational training, although there are hardly any helpful concepts available. This project application is meant as a joint venture of Robert-Schmidt-Berufskolleg for Business and Administration (applicant) and Rheinisch-Westfälisches Berufskolleg for the impaired of hearing (associated partner). Up to now cooperation between the two institutions has meant: sending hearing-impaired students to the “normal” college of vocational education and seconding teachers on an hourly basis to teach specific subjects at the college for the hearing-impaired students. The project “i4us” – teachers develop concepts for inclusive teaching in the German dual system of vocational training” shall yield such concepts. Teachers of both institutions will visit the Ekami college of vocational training in Finland/Kotka and the Sonderpädagogisches Zentrum für Hörbeeinträchtigte (Centre for Special Needs Education for the Hearing Impaired) in Austria/Klagenfurt. Both institutions have long-standing experience in teaching and advising students in “normal” colleges. Therefore participants will analyze lessons and teaching methods and discuss them with teaching staff and students. For this purpose questionnaires and forms will be used. The results will first be reviewed, then the participants will develop their own teaching concepts on the basis of new experience. They will take into account didactical and methodological aspects as well as staffing aspects, cooperation between “normal” teachers and teachers specialized in teaching students with special needs. The focus is on helping inclusion students to be able to increasingly work on their own. The objective of the project is teaching in the best possible way in inclusive classes of initial vocational training. Teaching involves developing competences along the requirements of the syllabus, so that every student is able to pass the external final exam (e. g. at the Chamber of Commerce). It is necessary to look for best practice examples in other countries and develop concepts using them, so that more teaching staff have more knowhow on inclusion. Participants in the project will be teachers of both colleges who teach in IVT. Teachers of the “normal” college already teach students with special needs in IVT classes Teachers of the college for the hearing-impaired, however, do not yet have any hands-on experience with counselling the students with special needs in a “”normal” college. But this will soon become a new task for them. Among the participants of both colleges are the teachers in charge of inclusion. They will be responsible to communicate the results. There will be two preparatory days. The teachers responsible for the project will first give a progress report on inclusion in NRW and in the target countries. Moreover they will prepare the participants for Finland and Austrian (general information, intercultural information). The participants will draft necessary forms and questionnaires to be used during the flow. The main activity of the project is a flow to Finland and a flow to Austria, each flow with approx. 5 participants. In Finland the participants will watch teaching in inclusive classes and talk to teachers and students. In Austria the participants will accompany the mobile teachers for special needs students and learn how they support their students. A flow comprises 3 days with a programme of 5 to 6 hours each day. A summary of the observations will be carried out during the flow. In a meeting after the flow results of both countries will be put together by the teachers in charge of the project. The main objective is making the participants act more professionally when teaching in inclusive classes. Acting professionally means fulfilling requirements of both systems (competence-orientation in initial vocational training and requirements of inclusion). The teachers in charge of the project will document the results (concepts, video clips, pictures) on a CD. This CD shall be made available to all teachers in both colleges. We also plan to provide in-house training on inclusion in both colleges. The project will enhance the profile of Robert-Schmidt-Berufskolleg as to IVT and inclusion. For teachers in Rheinisch Westfälisches Berufskolleg it will be a kind of job enlargement. Our project is intended to help fulfilling the needs of teachers in inclusive classes of IVT. Students in inclusive classes of IVT will profit from that. As a long-term effect the project will give us a solid basis to start from and complete in the course of time.
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