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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the Project we would like to run is; to bring in basic Mathematic idea using different methods and techniques and share developed activities. Mathematics is abstract and what we would like to do is to give Mathematics to children as a concrete item. It is not important if the Mathematical process ends correctly or not but to learn the concept and how Mathematics Works. The positive feelings the children gain in this age will lead them to think that they can success life long. The prepared activities will show Mathematics in the life by using, doing and living it and the children will love it. The lack of Mathematic projects in preschool, the low degree in Mathematics among the partner counties especially Turkey, the reason that having a good Mathematical structure in early ages will lead to a successful life, brought us to a point to work on this subject. There are six partners, the Scoala Gimnaziala Decebal Craiova in the city Craiova in Romania, the Agrupamento de Escolas de Campo in Valongo, Portugal, the 10th Primary School in Xanthi, Greece, the Pysslingförskolan Skattgömman AB School in Vasteras, Sweden, the Charlton Kings Infants’ School in Cheltenham, United Kingdom and the Mimar Sinan Anaokulu in Aydın, Turkey. Mimar Sinan Anaokulu is a kindergarten with 150children aged 3-6, 7 classes, 7 teachers, a student advisor, 5 assistant teachers, a deputy and a head teacher. There are chess, folk dance, modern dance, gymnastic and English language clubs besides the preschool programme. Scoala Gymnaziala Decebal Craiova is a public school with 33 classes, 54 teachers and 729 students. There are preschool, primary and secondary levels at school. There 75 children in the preschool level. Agrupamento de Escolas de Campo lies in the North of Portugal in Valongo. The students come from families whose education level is low and work in the service industry. There are 5 preschools and 5 primary schools together under one organisation. The 10th Primary school of Xanthi lies in the North of Greece and has 12 classes and 200 students. There are 32 teachers in the school and about 80 of the students are in the 6-8 age group. Pysslingförskolan Skattgömman AB School is a preschool in Vasteras the 6th biggest city in Sweden. There are facilities about Mathematics, Technology, Literature and Science at school besides health and environment activities. There are 87 children aged 1-6 and 18 staff. Charlton Kings Infants’ School is talented in teaching Mathematics and will contribute in testing and come to a mean average where they are specialized. There will be evaluations about the Mathematic programmes in the partner countries and discussing the weak and strong parts. The partnership will develope different Mathematic teaching methods activities, will observe the practice of these activities by teacher mobilities, practice them at schools and see the results of the efforts. The interest and development of children to Mathematics will be tested in the beginning and in the end of the Project and feedback will be made to reach the Project goal. The results and activities will be shared in the web page and social media. The carried out activities and experiences will bring thye partnership to a combined book ‘I Play Maths’ which will be a matter to sustain the Project goals. The teachers will learn new methods, develope their skills and get experience. The children will love Mathematics and will lead a successfull life long learning. The schools will higher their education quality, cause an awareness on the neighbouring schools and lead a development on the local Mathematic teaching level among teachers. The book I Play Maths will be a successful guide and example to teachers and parents. In long term teaching Mathematics in preschools will get more important and new methods and techniques will follow the Project.
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