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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context : IES Bendinat, it is a center which for 10 years has been involved in a great number of international projects , with a typology of students open to new experiences and also with a the family support. It is a pioneer in the learning of non-inguistic subjects in English and French., just as it is in the implementation of projects that promote language learning . Number of participating teachers: 6 Number of institutions: 5, 6 taking into account IES Bendinat . Profile of the participating teachers: teachers who are very involved in international projects and in the integration of students with special needs in all European and language learning programs. The project has a special interest for our school development and integration of diversity in the classroom, in the center as well as in the educational system , to achieve greater curricular performance and improved coexistence. Diversity, understanding and helping all students who have special educational needs of any kind (NEE for High Ability , Disability , Educational Support needs , newcomers from other countries , absentee ) is our goal. Objectives: - Improve the level of language skills of our faculty in foreign languages. - Improve the language skills of teachers involved in the Pilot Plan of multilingualism and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) , as well as their skills and methodological strategies . - Learn about new methodologies and spread the knowledge to all the teachers. - Improve the skills and methodological strategies of teachers involved in our dual degree ( Spanish - French). Develop texts and materials in both languages, useful for dual degree and to develop and improve skills and key competences of every stage of learning. - Preparation, evaluation and dissemination of educational materials, development of educational strategies to improve school-family- society, use of new techniques in the classroom to increase students' motivation. - To acknowledge to the society in general, and to the educational community in particular, about the reality of students with special educational needs and enriching part of our society. Fostering inclusive school. - Reduce early school leaving among students in general and , in particular students with educational needs. Improve their language skills and facilitate their integration into international projects. - To promote the relationship and cooperation between participating organizations and exchange of experiences and materials. - Increase the use of ICT in the learning process . - Further internationalization of our students, with the aim of opening their full potential and expectations in a globalized world like ours , and enable and facilitate our students to pursue higher education in other countries. - To compare different models of school management and treatment of multiculturalism in the participating centers. - Supporting research and search for strategies to improve education, to improve school performance and to achieve higher levels of excellence. Main Goal: The purpose is to achieve the greatest impact on the community and the experiences received by the participating teachers , have the widest dissemination and implementation in our school community and in our society as well as in our project's partners.
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