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I-MEET - International Mobility Experience for E-Tourism
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

I-MEET aims to meet the need to acquire professional knowledge and skills to enable promotional and marketing strategies based on information technology (e-tourism), already widespread abroad, in order to meet the need emerged from the research "TOURISM SYSTEM" . Such research points out the shortage of qualified personnel experienced designing and managing promotional marketing tools using ICT. The needs that the Project meets were detected within an investigation carried out by EGInA on behalf of the Foundation CR Foligno. The research, "TOURISM SYSTEM" (Listening to the territory for the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the touristic system in Umbria) aimed at: 1) investigating into the strengths and weaknesses of the local touristic system; 2) providing guidance to promote training courses aimed at retraining the staff; 3) promote innovative pathways for the development of the skills of high school students in the tourism sector; 4) identifying new professional profiles; 5) providing ideas for new business ideas. According to the operators, there is a widespread tourists’ complaint about the difficulties in accessing tourist information. So, in order to develop and support the touristic sector, it is required to design and develop solutions and services that produce effective and real simplification of the processes of creation, use and exploitation of information. On the ground of the above, we should rethink information services and tourist accommodation in a logic of development a friendly local community friendly, able to satisfy a process of internationalization through the direct involvement of companies and associations of various kinds: reception practices , shops, crafts and wine, producing cooperatives, ect. Therefore, the project aims to: - Encourage the strengthening or acquisition of those skills connected to foreign language communication and digital competence, considered as coding and web programming; - Acquire or strengthen the mastery of technical and professional skills through learning experiences in real working environments. Moreover, the experience of mobility, which will involve n. 165 students with different mobility flows to Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Malta, will support students’ personal growth, through the acquisition or enhancement of life skills, language and digital competences. Pursuing and achieving such goals, I-MEET aims to deal with beneficiaries’ problems and practical needs in order to foster their individual dimension, professional, social and cultural development. In line with the Europe 2020 strategy and with the strategy ET2020 (ET 2020), the project aims to offer them a real opportunity for personal and professional growth in order to increase a full and immediate employability in the specific local labor market. Indirectly, it will also favor an overall improvement of the touristic system in Umbrian in terms of quality, sustainability, innovation and internationalization. The Consortium has investigated into the Learning Outcomes of professional profiles involved in the project. From such investigation emerged that the skills required by the labor market in the field of programming languages for Web marketing for tourism and services are not sufficiently developed in the school curricula. Concerning the transnational mobility assessment, I-METT will use the following indicators and tools: 1) participants’ satisfaction about the experience of transnational mobility (assessed thorough a questionnaire and the score / comments published online on the boards of the host partner in the platform EUKCEM). 2) trainees’ detailed final report- 3) Internship host structures’ final detailed reports (personal transcripts) edited by hosting partners’ and intermediary partners’ tutors. 4) the meeting between the tutor and the beneficiary to get more information and a comprehensive assessment of the mobility. 5) a final evaluation report edited by the tutor on the basis of information obtained from the documents described previously. This report will be shared with all interested parties, including the National Agency.

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