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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jan 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project took place in Campania, a region which, on one hand, is victim of stereotypes often unfounded and on the other hand find it difficult to integrate with the foreign communities in the area, often relegated to the most menial jobs or pool of resources for organized crime. The project had the following objectives: - Increase the knowledge of the cultures of other countries, breaking down stereotypes. - Highlight the differences between the individual countries, learning to know and appreciate them- Promote the integration among European citizens or from partner countries - Confronting the concept of law and punishment in individual countries involved - Giving the opportunity to disclose their own traditions abroad - Promotion of Erasmus plus - Increase our skills in this field because this is our first project - Forge new partnerships The project involved 37 people (to a Turkish participant visa was refused few hours before departure) including participants and leaders, and 6 different countries.Participants were selected according to their knowledge, however slight, of the traditions and culture of their country and to their openness to traditions of other countries. A knowledge, at least elementary, of English language was required. The exchange, from September 23 to October 2, 2014, has been divided into workshops (mainly on stereotypes, diversity, concept of legality, local cultures, ethnic minorities, nationality), trips (to Caserta, Naples and Grazzanise) and a final performance. Some local newspapers gave attention to the activity ( in the exchange realized, before departure, some interviews in their own country on the stereotypes associated with other partner nations and discuss it. The preferred method was the group discussion or small international groups discussion. It gave the possibility to each participant to express his/herself. At the local level, all the people that we were able to engage and who attended the final performance, showed curiosity and openness to different traditions and some of them remained in contact with young people involved in the project. At the end of the exchange we gave to the participants of anonymous questionnaires identical to those given at the beginning of the exchange, noting a greater understanding of foreign cultures, a heightened sense of European citizenship, a greater awareness of the EU's role in breaking cultural barriers and a decrease of stereotypes.
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