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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of life and to foster social inclusion and social change using sport and music as tools. Music and sport are two of the principal avocation activities performed by people in Europe. They are social and inclusive activities that mostly require team work and cooperation, using one to motivate the other. Music generates movement, movement generates harmony and harmony is the key of music.Research funded by WHO (World Health Organization) conducted in 2013 reported that in Europe more than 50% of people are overweight or obese and over 20% of people are obese. From this problem stem many different consequences, the most important is social exclusion. The problem with social inclusion is that it is a vicious cycle, the more that people feel different, the more that they exclude themselves.Objective of the project are improve:• Physical wellbeing (health status, anxiety, stress, pain...)• Perceived wellbeing (quality of life, a meaning of life to you.)• Self-perception (self-esteem, competencies, body image...)• Knowledge of the traditions and cultures of the countries through their respective songs• Knowledge of foreign languages through lyrics of songs• Knowledge about music as a tool The project is designed to bring together youth who want to improve the quality of their life, who want to learn how to put sport and music as regular activities in their everyday life. The aim is to involve youth with fewer opportunities, such as lack of opportunities to access the information on how important it is to be involved in sport and musical activities.Music and sport are often seen as quite expensive activities, which not everyone can afford, We will give the possibility to all to have this knowledge and information.30 participants from 5 different county between 18 – 30 years will gather together, youth that can change their lifestyle, the youth of today will be the families of tomorrow, the parents, and if they know how to live a healthy life, they will teach this to their children, to build a better future for all the community.The project is divided in two steps, two youth exchanges.First one, “Punch the Routine” (3-10 November 2016) made to encourage youth to take lives by the horns, living a healthy life, improving their wellbeing, using sport activities during the everyday life. The methods are formed in a way that the participants are actively involved in it, thus they create their own learning. Challenging the participants to do regular sport activity and sharing their feeling and knowledge.The second, “Music Makes Feelings” (3-8 March 2017), will be implemented using knowledge and experiences in the field acquired by the youth that decided to organize this project. Music is considered as a secondary means for communication and there is a big lack of awareness of the power of music as a tool to build common feelings, as a means to foster healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and as a “universal” language.The idea behind the methods is that music is a tool used as a means to engender feelings, beyond what simple words can express.The aim is to enable participants to see the issues of non-healthy lifestyle and how this easily brings forward social exclusion on different levels.As the main reason we are starting the first activity is to promote healthy lifestyle and social inclusion enhancing the importance of these valuesThe impact that we expect on the local and regional level is connected with increased awareness of ourselves and the development of cooperation skills and initiative attitudes, increase the quality of life and made participant more active in the community and society, we will challenge them to organize local events using the skill and tools of music and sport that they will learned during the project.On the international level, showing on the social media the results, we will reach people from different counties. The potential long term benefits are to build youth more aware on the wellbeing and healthy life style, that can share their knowledge. Youth of today will be the families of tomorrow!
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