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Οι δυνατότητες της πληροφορικής στην υπηρεσία της ΝοσηλευτικήςΠράσινα Επαγγέλματα: καινοτομία και επαγγελματική διέξοδος
Start date: Jul 7, 2016, End date: Jul 6, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A. Mobility Sweden“Health Informatics” is called a specialty in Information Technology that deals with the applications of PC technology on the field of health, whereas “Nursing Informatics” is called the sector that focuses on the Nursing Science. The programme concerns 20 students of the specialties of Nursing, Informatics and Economics & Management from EK Sindos. Our students have a satisfactory level of school knowledge, particularly on the specialty-practice classes, an adequate knowledge of the English language and a strong will for training. They do have, however, the need for specific training which involves the Nursing Informatics technologies, the practice in modern healthcare units, the familiarization with the technological advances, the specialization on hospital software, the operation of medical equipment and the contact with modern health systems. The basic aims of this mobility, which identify with the expected outcomes, are the following:- the students training on medical software- the students’ certification on programming and operating medical PCs- the familiarization with the demands of the contemporary nursing units- the training on avoiding mistakes, saving time through sorting and informatics- saving money by improving the provided health care.The schedule of the training involves presentations on the potential and the prospects of Nursing Informatics, visiting Institutions and Universities, companies, Technical Colleges, state and private health sectors, the premises of computer informatics companies and health institutions with a prospect of students practice. The participants will acquire knowledge on health software, on the new methods of managing heath issues, on the use of the contemporary medical equipment and on the reduction of the cost of the service. Moreover, they are expected to improve their language skills, to develop collaboration, responsibility and their skills and interests. The agent chosen is the organization Αlfombra Roja with an expertise on the specific subject. The chosen host country is Sweden and its city Stockholm with model and modern health units. The programme will be implemented in April 2017. The progress in Informatics and Health Informatics entails the necessity to keep up with the changes, since in a few years the organization and the management of health units will be impossible without the Health Informatics. B. Mobility – ItalyIn Europe, the workplaces which contribute to the protection of the environment and to the sustainable growth are called “Green Jobs”. Training in green jobs will give students the opportunity to occupy with jobs related to their specialties with the prospects of growth in their region.The aim of the mobility is knowledge of new skills on the field of green development, the training in the corresponding green jobs, the environmental awareness and the professional occupation. The 20 students who will participate come from EK Sindos. They have a good performance in school subjects, particularly on the specialty-practice classes, an adequate knowledge of the English language, a good disposition for education and they come from environmentally degraded areas with unemployment problems. The training involves presentations on the potential and the prospects of the green jobs, visiting Institutions and Universities, companies, Technical Colleges, state, private and local sectors, as well as environmental associations, with the possibility of students practice at the same time. Through the implementation of the programme we expect our students to become environmentally conscious, to reinforce their responsibility, the group work and the initiative taking. We also expect them to reveal their talents and their interests and to be professionally oriented. In the long term, by getting to know people with different habits and customs, our students are expected to change their way of thinking and their consumer behaviour, to realize the usefulness of the language skills, to develop their personality and to build up their self confidence. The host country, with a great experience on the green jobs, is Italy. Rome is the chosen city with its nearby area and the time period is February 2017. The chosen agent is the organization CO.EUR with a great experience in organizing programmes and which has connections with education institutions.Over the last years, the European Union focuses its attention on green jobs, encourages the citizens and the authorities to take the initiative for the protection of the environment and creates new work places. Anyway, the 10 most popular jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004 (CEDEFOP 2011).
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