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"Η Διεθνοποίηση του σχολείου μέσα από το δρόμο της Αειφορίας και της Καινοτομίας"
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project "The Internationalization of school through the road of Sustainability and Innovation" is a project associated with the two axes of our school targeting. The first axis is Sustainability, that is the adoption of a new educational example of combining innovations for a common purpose, that of the improvement of school life and human welfare. Specifically, the decade of 2005-2014 has been characterized by the United Nations as "the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development» (UNESCO, 2005). The second axis concerns innovation introduced by the European orientation through the access to information, training and school collaborationTo fulfill both objectives, the four participants and the entire teaching staff need to renew the way they view themselves as educators and deal with the educational process as a whole. Our school, hoping to meet both these objectives, expects that teachers will be trained properly on the theoretical framework of CLIL methodology, in practices and techniques that will support a interdisciplinary approach in order to accommodate for linguistic and cognitive objectives simultaneously and technological tools that can further enhance it. It also expects that the participants will be trained in educational and contemporary issues, such as differentiated teaching, Inquiry-based learning for a project implementation, current trends in the assessment of students and of the learning process, the cultivation of critical thinking and metacognition in students, addressing multicultural classes or learning difficulties and many other relevant educational issues.Following modern methodological approaches, the training organization creates the right climate for discussion and practical application of modern theories providing the expertise and tools to help participants introduce Technology in their classrooms and invites them to provide practical examples from their experience and an assessment and feedback of the training process.What we expect is the adoption of new innovative methods of teaching and pedagogy that go beyond the typical uniformity of school, with learning stemming from the experience of members through their self-motivated and spontaneous engagement in it. In this way, the school can accomplish the vision to link all possible aspects of life and cognitive fields (Culture, Environment, Health, Relations, etc) paving the way for the creation of integrated and happy future citizens.We hope that the expected learning outcomes and benefits will hopefully be realised in the short run through the positive response of students towards school and the educational process, the positive attitude of parents and of the educational community and through the climate in school life. In the long run, what is expected is the systematic implementation of the CLIL approach to save in human and time resources since cognitive subjects will be taught simultaneously with the foreign language and the promotion of our school effectively and actively as a genuine Greek Sustainable Innovative School.
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