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i Care - Children Art Relationship Education

The two Regions are protagonists of a long collaboration. The project aims to consolidate the cooperation and support a new joint initiative, in the frame of the internet platform "Moodle", produced by the Comenius network "Wide Minds".Trainers of the Statens Museum of Kunst. and of the Center “Luigi Pecci”, together with administrators, will develop a comparative analysis of the organizational and operational characteristics of the two educational systems for children aged 0-6 and will establish a new shared pedagogical model based on art and creative expressiveness, enhanced by the comparison of best practices.The new model will be based on a practical experience: the schools will work together to promote the encounter between the children and the graphic expression. The younger children will experience exchanging “mail art” and the images they create, build a meaningful dialogue to show their active participation in the project. The other children will imagine and illustrate a story, enriched by the different personal and cultural sensibilities stimulated by the artistic journey.The joint analysis of what has been achieved will enable all the participants to share the best practices, with a permanent dialogue about the great potential of art as an educational tool.
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