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I Can Thrive (ICT)
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Trnsko Primary School is a state school that has 559 students, aged 7 to 15. The school has 62 staff members, among which are 5 teacher- counsellors and 11 teacher-mentors. The school is situated at the new part of the City of Zagreb. It is the practice centre of the Faculty of Teacher Education, the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Faculty of Science. The school has already taken part in about ten e-Twinning projects and has collaborated through them with many European countries. So far it has not taken part in European inter-school project. The consideration about the quality of work at school has been present in our institution for a long time through the activities of the Quality Team. This team analyses the school's achievements and questions the needs of our students and our staff. In accordance with the given results the team sets the school's development aims listed in the Annual development plan. Analysing our result we have noticed that our students were very successful in the past on National competitions, but in last several years we do not have such results. By introducing the modern teaching and learning methods and technologies we would like to increase the motivation and develop the core competency of learning how to learn. The main goal is for our students to have better results at school, to enrol preferred secondary schools, to successfully enrol and graduate from the faculties and become a successful part of the labour market.The school’s Development Plan predicts further digitalisation of work at school with the aim of increasing IT and language literacy among students and enabling them to become more competitive in the EU labour market. We believe that learning with the use of ICT needs to start from the earliest school age to indirectly influence the students to apply them in everyday life.The school has not so far taken part in inter-school partnerships that include mobilities of students and staff. With this goal we have established the school’s EU Team whose purpose is to start the participation in international projects with other schools in Europe. We wish that our teachers become familiar with innovative teaching methods through the use of ICT. The goals set are in accordance with the National development strategy and objectives of the Erasmus+ programme. The first step in the realization of the goals set was the establishing of the school's EU Team that is in charge of the monitoring, promotion and implementation of European projects at our school. The members of the EU Team have directed their activities towards the participation in the Erasmus+ K1 activity. The topic and the name of the project were set (I Can Thrive). The questionnaire was made that helped us choose the teachers among our staff that can contribute to the realization of the set goals by participating in this project. The following applications were chosen: five teachers of the general class teaching (among them are three teacher-mentors and one teacher-counsellor), a Maths teacher, a Foreign language teacher and the school's Headmaster.The chosen teachers have found in the EU database of expert educations and on the e-Twinning portal the courses that are in accordance with the set topic. They have contacted the organizers and have filled up the pre-application forms. The Headmasters wants to take part in the education on bigger internationalisation of the school. The Head of the EU Team wants to take part in the project that will give her the knowledge and skills in the international project management. The six teachers want to take part in courses that will improve their language and ICT competencies. They will gain knowledge and skills on how to modernize their teaching through the usage of ICT in different areas. After the end of their education they will implement their knowledge in their teaching and work with students, both in regular classes, as well as in the extracurricular activities. These mobilities will help us modernize the school's curriculum. All candidates have shown the eagerness for team work and the initiative for integration of skills and competencies into the school's programme through regular classes, extracurricular activities and different projects. They are ready to share their newly acquired knowledge with other colleagues, students and their social community, through work with University students and new e-Twinning projects. The first focus group will be other primary school teachers (both general-class and subject teachers) and education workers that will participate on dissemination through different lectures and seminars on local and national level.All the teachers participating in the Erasmus + KA1activity will transfer their newly acquired knowledge, experience and skills to students in lessons of the subject they teach. Interested people will learn about innovations in our work through the school’s website, workshops for parents, posters and events
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