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I can Lead! I can facilitate!
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

The training course 'I can lead! I can facilitate!' is projected for young people who are leaders, coordinators, youth workers in their organisations and want to improve their skills in leading projects, managing groups and especially in facilitating. 30 young people from; 15 youth organisations (from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Albania, Armenia, Russia, Macedònia, Georgia, Ukraine, U.K. and Czech Republic) will meet in Prague, the Czech Republic in'July. 2011 for 6 days to practice the ¿kills of being a good leader and facilitator as we believe that facilitating the learning process of participants involved in the project is a key skill of a good trainer and youth worker.Thè C addresses the need of youth organisations to have competent, experienced and skilledvolunteers and workers that will know well how to use the potential and energy of young peopleinvolved in the organisation:'We will focus especially on young people working in the field ofenvironmental protection and non-formal education so that they could pass their knowledge in thetopic well, involve in their projects^many people and give the biggest possible impact to theiractivities. , jrf~During the training course, we Will try to inspire participants to organise more projects at the local and international level (especially cooperation EU countries - neighbouring partner countries) and -tó promote exchange between partner organisations. We will try to initiate the exchange of experience and in this way show various points of view, methods and practices in leading and facilitating projects. TC will be led by the international group of experienced trainers, facilitators and coordinators.
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