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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Title: ARE WE CHARLIE ? I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE THE FUTURE Awareness actions to promote and enhance civic engagement of young people Topics: Civic engagement, intercultural dialogue, European citizenship, democracy, secularism. Participants: 38 young people (18-25 years) and 7 team leaders Partner countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Romania Project location: Bordeaux Metropole - Gironde Date: September 20 to October 4, 2015 CONTEXT : In 2014, the face of difficulties increasingly glaring suffered by young, we thought about the idea of acting to invite young people to take their lives defending their ideas and rights. We want them to struggle with elected officials and experts on their future, their expectations, fears, etc. The dramatic news that we experienced beginning in January 2015 with the attacks to Charlie Hebdo particular, has confirmed the need to act with youth to defend the fundamental values of Europe, the right to freedom of expression and inviting them to express themselves other than through violence. GOALS : -Promote european integration via social and cultural diversity -Promote knowledge and mutual recognition of each culture present in the project. -Make sure that young people take ownership and defending the values of Europe. -Allow young people to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the following concepts and notions: secularism, interreligious dialogue, blasphemy, democracy, freedom of expression, universal human rights, commitment, and active European citizenship ... Cybercrime -Allow young people to discuss with experts (professional and volunteer) and councillors about these ideas and concepts. -Allow these young people to gather, to speak and act in favor of citizen commitment. -Allow young people to experiment with methods and concrete tools to express themselves. -Allow youth to appropriate these tools so that they can transfer to their country. -Valorize and make visible the work of young people by public presentation -Generate of networking by bringing together various stakeholders and enable them to work together on this project. ACTIVITIES : 1) discussion meetings with youth and experts to discuss topics such as freedom of expression, European values, democracy, secularism, interreligious dialogue, social media, cyber crime, ISIS, blasphemy, the universality of human rights, civic engagement and good practices in France and Europe, etc. Invited experts were: - Councillors in charge of youth, urban policy, education, community life, and of course the municipal chief of staff and the mayor of the city. -the university professors specialized our work topics - professionals: the police (special cell in cyber crime) and direction of the youth department of the municipality of Pessac -the religious representatives -Volunteers : some are invested in the fight against cybercrime against children and adolescents (La Mouette Association) and others in citizen expression of young people through a local web radio. 2) Workshops for citizen expression: -workshop drawing / cartoon with a volunteer specialist in artistic practices -theater-workshop with a local company (Pas folle la guêpe) -music and song-workshop with the team of PAMA device (Artistic Practices & Musical Accompanied). -workshop radio with free radio RIG Blanquefort. -Photo workshop with the Espoir club photo Pessacais -workshop report 3) activities promoting intercultural dialogue: -Knowledge-games -games ice breakers -intercultural night where young people are discovering their country (dance, games, food ...) -exit and visits: Bordeaux and Arcachon Bay (with the Dune du Pilat) THE RESULTS : -Public presentation of performances of the young people through workshops. Restitution held in the hall of Pessac City Council in the presence of councillors. -Realization of videos by young people for each workshop -Realization of a live radio show during 30 minutes, by the radio group. -Creating a face book page project (Projet européen : Sommes-nous Charlie ?) -Article describing this european meeting on the municipal magazine of Pessac. IMPACTS: -Awareness of issues related to our working themes and internet dangers - Awareness of their ability to act individually and collectively -Ability to build a base values based on respect for differences and equality for all. -Ability to take back the achievements of the meeting for reuse elsewhere.

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