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Hungarian-Serbian borderless fun bike road show (Cities4Cycling)
Start date: Mar 31, 2013, End date: Sep 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cycling is one of the most popular sport, after the football it has the most popolous amateur hinterland, so it has good attractive value to roll up people to come together for joint events. Organising joint cycling event is a good chance to invite and to offer thematic programmes for local people and visitors as well mainly for youngsters and their families. In the frame of the event we can bring together Hungarian and Serbian people and teach the traffic regulations, promote sustainable development, sports, healthy living, environmental issues and present the cultural values of the nations living in the CB region. In the frame of the project four events will be organised in different cities: Szeged, Subotica, Horgoš and Kecskemét. In the events the visitors can participate in 'cycling-school', road safe tests, cycling duels, trial and freestyle cycling performances for attracting youngsters, cycling rings and competitions in different age-groups and on whole city parade. Hungarian-Serbian co-operation in cycling in has traditions in the region. The famous Szeged-Subotica Tour for juniors has ben organised for many years in this region. The Yugoslav war stopped the Tour and lack of resources the tradition is still pending, but after the establishmanet of the new cross-border bicycle path in 2010 the project partners believe that this project will be the first step towards the reanimation of the Szeged-Subotica Tour in long-term. The sport clubs will involve their amatuer and professional members, local partners and supporters into the other (and both) side of the border. In case of succesful implementation this cooperation will be able to run longer and with joint work these clubs will have more succes in the field of cross-border cycling events and its management. The project will take 6 months, and will target local cyclists, inhabitants, NGOs and focuses on youngsters, children and families. Achievements: Cycling is one of the most popular sports. It is estimated that after football it has the highest number of amateurs, so it is an excellent way to get people to come together for joint events. Organising a joint cycling event is a good opportunity for offering thematic programmes to both local people and visitors, mainly youngsters and their parents. Within the framework of the project the two cycling clubs, one from Szeged and one from Subotica, brought people from both countries together, teaching them traffic regulations and safety, promoting sustainable development, sports, healthy living and environmental issues, while presenting the cultural values of the peoples living in the cross-border region. These were the core ideas of this successful project. The partners organised road shows in Szeged, Subotica, Horgoš and Kecskemét. During these events, visitors were able to participate in a cycling-school, road safety tests, cycling duels and finally a parade through the whole town. The special programs, such as the trial, the freestyle cycling performances, cycling rings and the competitions in different age groups, attracted a lot of attention and encouraged youngsters to participate. These programmes drew attention to environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles and traffic safety. During the joint activities the participant learnt a lot about each other’s cultures.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Serbia IPA CBC (HU-RS)
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