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Humour in the Youth’s Life

The project “Humour in the Youth’s Life” is aimed at students aged 14-17. The aim of the project is to build strong, cultural bridges among participating countries, create openness towards different humour and get the youth from different cultures closer to each other culturally, linguistically and historically. To manage all those things, humour will be the key to achieve our goals. By presenting different types of humour from artistic and cultural fields, characteristic for each country, pupils will learn to understand humour, cultures, habits, daily life and entertainment of young people from different countries. Pupils will work together in teams to present their own humorous works, so they will catch the similarities and differences in the ways humour is presented in the youth’s life referring to the system of the European values. The main outcomes of the project will be a book entitled ‘A road to humour’ written in English ; dramas/scenes presenting funny stories,jokes prepared and recorded in DVDs with subtitles in other partners’ languages by pupils, multimedia presentations about famous comedians, humorists, and jokes or funny stories which make young people laugh

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