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HUMERIA - Cooperation on - HUManities, Education, Research, International relations and Arts (EU / ENPI East)
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

The project HUMERIA aims at stimulating institutional cooperation and collaboration among partner members and, in particular, decision and policy-makers on strategies to enhance internationalization between EU and ENPI HEIs in the fields of HUManities, Education, Regional and International Relations, Arts and Design. The present proposal was conceived by the coordinator, Tallinn University and joint coordinator Ilia State University with the contribution of a number of stakeholders, and aims at providing a direct added value both to the EU-ENPI ongoing cooperation process in the field of higher education and to European and – especially - ENPI students and stakeholders. This proposal comes about from an acute need to enhance cooperation in Higher Education between the two regions specially in areas that have been underrepresented so far in Erasmus Mundus proposals for ENPI region. The consortium includes a wide diverse variety of HEIs from generic high standing international oriented universities like Lund, Groningen or Masaryk and small specialised universities like Academy of Performing Arts of Bratislava or George Enescu Arts University of Iasi. Geographically speaking, Nordic, Baltic, central, Mediterranean and Eastern regions are well represented. From ENPI countries, all six countries are represented in the proposal. HUMERIA opens the possibility for 200 mobilities. 57 at BA level, 47 at MA level, 37 at PhD level, 19 Postdocs and 40 mobilities for academic/administrative staff distributed in 3 cohorts.
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31 Partners Participants