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HumanLibrary Málaga
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Because the Human Library aims to challenge prejudice and discrimination, approaching positions through a dialogue that might otherwise have emerged. Human books are the people who can share the experiences of challenging prejudice to questions from readers / as such as sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion / belief, lifestyle, or other creative aspects of prejudice or discrimination.We offer the opportunity to give to someone who might otherwise not dare or no chance questions. For this reason, the "human library" event to promote young people further away from the politics naturally aware of the agents promoting change from the administrations and institutions, as well as examples of young people who have already begun to change things, saving social difficulties such as disability, homophobia, xenophobia and violence.Human Library (Human Library) methodology was first created in Denmark (2000) and has been replicated in more than 60 countries, where it remains open from the first time a is created, thanks to the events, and energizing library, people talk about issues of importance or interest to the public. Being a good reader is reading is a bit strange at first because not knowing what to ask, or how to start the conversation without saying something that is "politically incorrect". For this reason, we are librarians / as, to make clear the standards for both individual and for reading the book / person, ie as in a library need to know to care for and read books.We hope to realize this event in Malaga, (October 2016 near Columbus Day, to believe in a society that promotes dialogue), and that once this library opens its doors to this event, remain open to continue the holding structured spaces for dialogue, voluntarily invite people to sign up as books (including agents of change themselves ask us to repeat their participation, or theme days such as the International AIDS Day, with people affected or dealing with disease and normalize a conversation with them / as), and offer the possibility of replicating the event with our help in other towns and municipalities. To promote dialogue, active listening, face to face and smile a smile.
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