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Human (and) Nature. Universal Values Reflected in Myths and Legends: Bringing together Peoples and Nature

The main aim of our partnership is to work together with our students –through reflection and action- upon young people’s values. To bring to consciousness the values young people have, we propose to use ancient, traditional or contemporary myths and legends from their respective contexts as a guideline.We will apply ICT technology for our communication. Working with myths and legends –through different procedures like translations, presentations, performances, registrations, etc.- will increase the student’s language abilities as well as their understanding of history, culture and religion of their own and other countries. Bringing together people from different European countries is our main aim, this will open their perspective allow them to get a European experience. Art will be used when working on the myths and presenting them each other. When starting to work on values, we will do a survey on the values of young people as we believe they have values that we want to reflect on. The similarities and differences of values will be discussed to increase understanding for each other.A special focus will be on the student’s identity and tolerance as a European value. Another issue will be respect for our environment.
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