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HST Connect
Start date: May 31, 2003, End date: Feb 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

High speed transport has a key role to play in promoting balanced spatial development across NW Europe. Therefore any attempt to improve HST needs to work on a transnational basis. The prime objective of the 15 partner, 21.893m euro HST Connect project is to forge closer connections between regional rail services and the trans-European High Speed Train network, with the aim of increasing the latter’s catchment area by 20m people. As part of this, the project aims to improve travel environment, especially that of stations and their forecourts, to ensure that throughout their journey passengers enjoy the same high comfort experience as when travelling on the high speed network. An allied objective is improve integration of stations into the fabric of the cities they are located in by stimulating development of the often neglected areas that surround them. An advice guide, entitled ‘Lifting the Barriers’ will be published, alongside a study of how primary HST services can be extended into the regions they serve. Achievements: One main outcome is the immediate benefits the schemes provide not only to the transport networks and passenger catchments, but also for local communities and users of the transport systems surrounding the sites. Improved access to public transport in cross border regions will reduce carbon footprint for those regions. The Heerlen partner found that the biggest outcome for the future is that the Dutch Parliament fully agreed with a report (called: initiatiefnota grensoverschrijdend treinvervoer ) written by 2 members. They are now entering the national arena with our future investments. Also important was the fact that the province of Limburg unanimously adopted a proposal to invest an extra € 20 million into cross border public transport. Please visit for all the relevant details. CRP: Evaluating Outcomes. Post Investment Study: CRP Investment – High Speed Train Integration. MVA Consultancy (2008)

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