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Hrdinové naší doby
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 28 Feb 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Heroes of today react on needs of modern society and reflect the fundamental principles described in strategic documents of the funding programme Erasmus plus. The project grew up out of our previous experience in the topic of active citizneship and becouse of need of youth which is contacting us to get some help from our side. Youth is missing theretical and practical experience in the field of management of active citizenship events. Because of that we will support the active participation of youth in public sector by synergy and networking with experienced stakeholders in this topic as well as support them by political changes, and we will establihed the structuralized dialogue in between represenatatives of the city and youth. Our main target group is youth (400 p.) directy involved in activities of the project (with the focus on people with obstacles in education). Impact of the project will be wider thanks to innovative attitude towards the dissemination of results as well as the type of chosen activities. The project is designed by young people under 30.All of the phases of the project are based on participative methods. Youth is involved in all of the aspects and they can influence strongly the final outcomes and whole process of the project. We are using the non-formal and in-formal methods of education. The main results will be a system of support of youth initiatives implemented in the policy of the city as well as 10 concreate activities made by youth. That will be supported by relevant tools of dissemination of results to make the impact wider. After realization of the project we have already plan to disseminate the system and our experience out of the borders of Czech Republic. The long-term impact for the society is mainly in reforming the policy of youth as well as raising the quality of life in cities where will be system implemented. The city will get from us all of the systems to use it in future. The project is focused more on process than on the result. The project is strongly educational.
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