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Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Nov 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Even if mobility is a great way to fight the unemployment, moving abroad - even within the E.U. - has always been challenging. The migrant has to deal with the cultural difference and perform at the same time a lot of different tasks as diverse as finding an accommodation, dealing with the paperwork in a foreign language and above all, finding a job.The goal of the training course is to bring awareness of the different obstacles to overcome regarding international mobility and to provide to the youth workers useful tools and information they can use on a daily basis to help young people to achieve a successful migration. Furthermore,, we will take advantage of the diversity of the participants to elaborate our own tool as a synthesis of all the best practices and useful information we will gather in a single booklet/online tool.If the training course is as successful as we expect, we will reproduce it to cover every European country and implement improvements at each iteration. Pedagogical contentAfter the introduction of all of the associations taking part in the training course and a team building workshop, the first part will focus on defining the profiles of youth moving abroad and their needs. We will rely on sociologic studies and the participation and feedback of the attendees using formal and non formal workshops.In a second part, we will define the key characteristics of the labor markets of the participating countries in the training course. We will take in consideration the differences of cultures, the geography, the standard of living and the economic metrics.The conclusion of the second part, with the input of the profiling of the first part, will bring to light the obstacles the young workers can encounter when moving abroad. The last part will give answers and practical solutions to the problematics addressed in the two previous parts. We will share informations and best practices to synthesize them in a booklet/online tool. The result will be published online. Each part will be ended by an evaluation and an immediate implementation of the results for the next part.Participants We aim to gather 38 youth workers from 9 European countries Expected outcomeBy teaching the youth workers the best practices to prepare for a long stay in a foreign country and by giving them an easy access to down-to-earth information to share with youth, we expect to significantly improve the chances of successful migration.The training course will empower the participants to address the needs of youth with more accuracy and to give them a precise guidance to help them to achieve their mobility projects.The participants will gain better knowledge of the different European labor markets and build up their self-confidence to become referrers in their association for the mobility topics. The training course will also help to build new bridges, connexions and partnerships between European associations, to develop a solidarity network and facilitate youth exchange. The fruits of the labour of the week will be displayed in an online tool.
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