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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project will be realized in Slovakia, in a beautiful scenery of the Low Tatras. The aim of this project is to teach young people how to help to each other, to help unselfishly and from their own will, and also to accept help and to teach them to be independent and along with teaching them to cooperate in a team and empathy to other people. We face with problems in our group which are connected with miserable empathy against others and laziness or unwillingness to help to each other. We feel it is necessary to lead young people to placability and we want to teach them that it is good enough to understand acting or behaving to individuals. The goal is to eliminate problems, which are created by inside intensity of the individuals who are less able to dance. The aim is to increase a team mind in the participants, ability to work in the team and for the team as one body. The number of the participants is 60 plus 2 cheifs from the Czech Republic and Poland and 3 chiefs from Slovakia. The participants are mostly members of the dance groups or other communities and therefore it is necessary for them to be able to work in the team. Different activities are ready for these participants, from indroducing to moving games, team games and team cooperation and games for developing their empathy. The participants will be responsible for each activity. The older participants will be responsible for the hardest activities and the younger participants will be responsible for easier activities. Tasks will be divided among the participants and everybody will be reasponsible for the activity. They will have to prepare the activity before. We are expacting the value system of the participants will change and the participants will be more responsible at home, at school at the training or everywhere they will go. We are also expecting that their selfconfidence will be increasing and also their self- appraisal. And this way their ability to work in a team will be better and there will be friendly surrouding for their team . We are expecting our participants will be able to incorporate better into society, into work process and possibility long-term relationships and cooperation among cultures.

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