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" How to decrease climate changes? Building strategies between Europea and Asian Youth"
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

ObjectivesEurope and Asia, especially China, are facing widespread challenges related to environmental and climate changes. The environmental challenges and the sustainable development have all been acquiring a progressive importance throughout the years, much because of important advocates and policy makers, and several protocols, conferences and treaties that look out to a sustainable and environmental society have been put into force - e.g. Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Conference, or the EU Emissions Trading Scheme - and have been considered structural pillars to European and World Policies.Most of the youth in Portugal and Estonia have been familiarized with the environmental awareness related to climate change. In a way, Europe considers that everyone should.take part in this process, personally and socially, and be perfectly conscious about the contributions that each and every one of us can do to improve the environment. China, as the largest developing country, sees achievement of overall economic and social development and improvement of the quality of people's lives as its top priority. India has been improving its political and social structure, tearing down century-old social barriers which conditioned growth. Nevertheless, China and India, two major populated countries, are still lagging behind regarding the environment degradation and the effects of climate change in their population, both of which have a critical role in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal number 7 - Ensuring the Environmental Sustainability - set out by the United Nations and the European Union. Our project focuses on the need to increase the participation of young
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