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How Problems Of Teens Vary From Region to Region and From Country tı Another

Teenagers; the Young between 13 and 20. Every teenager has problems and these problems affect parents, teachers and also school management. Teachers and parents are involved in these problems, too and they worry about the situation and sometimes are annoyed. Because for teachers it is subject to class management discipline problems and for parents it is subject to feel desperate. We will not search problems as aspects of school management or family relations. Because our target groups are not teachers or families but teens themselves. What do they think? What do they worry about? What makes them upset or annoyed? Are they more concentrated on their physical appearance more that anything else? Or maybe they have to leave school because they need to work and earn money. Do all teens have general problems only because they are teen or do some of them have problems of adults rather that teens? We would like to seek for whether these problems related to geography especially regions. Many institutions have been working hard to find solutions and most of them work. But we believe that we can not generate teens’ problems and we can not prescribe them with the same medicine. In schools which are in disadvantaged areas teens might not worry about what to wear in a friend’s party because he/she will have more prior problems such as whether mom will find material to cook while in schools which are not in areas with economic problems teens might worry about beauty or attraction. Teenage problems may involve also drug problems, educational issues, behaviour tasks and teenage proposals to solve them.
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