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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since we live in the world in which a great role is played by mass media and modern technologies, we have decided to use them to make the learning process better and more effective. Lots of schools are equipped with modern facilities, which we would like to use to pursue our common goal – innovative education that goes beyond the borders of our countries. During the two years of realising the project we want to lay emphasis on using information and communication technologies. At the very beginning the participants will exchange their contact details and make contacts with the use of applications for mobile devices such as Viber and WhatsApp. Students and teachers will take part in monthly lessons using Skype. What is more, these groups will work with digital equipment i.e. cameras and video cameras. Thanks to that they will learn how to edit films and photos. The participants will know how robots work and they will create them by themselves. They will learn how to make presentations in Prezi and animations in Scratch. Undoubtedly, the great advantage of the project will be using the school electronic platform which enables communication between students, teachers and parents. The participants will manage the official website of our project. While travelling abroad we will learn from each other and share our experience during regular classes as well as workshops organised at schools and outside. We are planning to make interesting and more innovative lessons e.g. in a museum or as a meeting with a famous person. A very important element of our actions will be an analysis of the local job market made by students. Afterwards, the students will have to draw conclusions and carry out research on jobs that will be popular in the future and what stages will be necessary to go through in order to get these jobs. The students will learn how to write a CV and job applications as well as they will take part in job interviews. The emphasis will be put on communication in English. We will check students' progress by giving them tests every several months. Students from poor or dysfunctional families who are at risk of social exclusion and digital divide will be involved in the project. The actions in which they will be engaged will enable them to believe in themselves, achieve probably their first success, gain self-confidence and learn independence. Regular contacts of students and teachers with their international partners will be a crucial aspect of good cooperation. We are planning to achieve it thanks to the partnership on the eTwinning platform, where all the participants will chat and present their products. Regular evaluation made by students and teachers after each foreign travel will help us notice advantages and set out guidelines for future in order to make our cooperation better. It is obvious that modern technologies are not just the objective of the project but we will use them to get familiar with cultures and traditions of the participating countries – the places, dances, songs, dishes, customs and ways of spending free time popular in our regions.
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