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How are you? Teenage health and well-being
Start date: May 1, 2010,

The multilateral youth exchange HOW ARE YOU? Teenage health and well-being will take place in Mölndal, Sweden. The number of participants are 10 young people from Sweden, Romania, Hungary and Italy. The project will last for six days in the summer 2010. The theme of the youth exchange is the health of today's young people in Europe. We will focus on self-confidence, self esteem and physical and mental health. We want to explore the youth-ideals of the other countries, the differences and similarities of young people's health, lives and conditions and compare it with our own culture. We use group discussions, group work, workshops, valuation exercises that could increase a person's self-esteem. Throughout the exchange, the young people can explore themselves and others and may have insights that can be valuable knowledge for physical and psychological well-being.The aim is to learn from others and learn how to lead a healthier more full, rich and complete life as a youngster in Europe today.
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