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HOTEL JOB EURO PROFILE II - New Strategies for the Improvement of Training and Information within the Tourism and Hotel sector with the aim of promoting Mobility of Workers.

This project aims at developing and increasing employability within the Tourism and Hotel & Catering sectors. Specifically, the project will undergo a study to evaluate: current needs in the sectors, the relationship between supply and demand, the required formal and non-formal competencies and the legal framework particular to each of the participating countries. A further objective of the project is to contribute to combating the illegal traffic of workers particularly within the Tourism sector. The project's main activities will be the development and introduction of a training and information system to work towards European recognition to increase professional opportunity for all individuals employed in these sectors. The study itself will contribute to the development of teaching and information materials and a dedicated project website will encourage access to the information in addition to the exchange of good practice and dissemination of the project results. All partners will undergo testing of the developed materials and will be further involved in the dissemination of the end project results through a series of workshops aimed at training practitioners and decision-makers. The target groups of the project include employees and managers/owners of SME's within the 2 key sectors.
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