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Hosting Opportunities for Migrants in Europe
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Apr 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

H.O.M.E. - Hosting Opportunities for Migrants in Europe is a youth mobility project that will take place in Andrano, a small village in the South of the Apulia Region. The activities will be implemented from 3th to 11th October 2016. The project will involve 40 young people (aged 18-25 years old), members of youth organizations from Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta and Bulgaria.* ORIGINS:The project comes has arisen from several episodes of intolerance, racism and segregation that we experienced within Refugees Sheltes (SPRAR) in the South of the Region. In relation to the analysis realized by SEYF as observer for the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunities and to our experience during intercultural and integration workshops implemented in the shelter of Andrano, we realized how much the growth of populisms and the low impact of intergation policies, which bring to episodes of discrimination in local communities.Once we shared our issues with the other partners, we all agreed to be build of a project which could promote intercultural dialogue and the artistic and poetical expression, in order to share messages of integration through an innovative, participative and empathetic approach. It is going to happen by collecting stories from the migrants and refugees hosted in Andrano and by sharing them through guerrilla poetry, graffitis and Attack-Poetry within the local community, on walls given by citizens and local administration. Thus, Andrano would become an open and living urban Tale dedicated to integration.The results of this action are going to be shared at an Euromediterranean level and will be used by the partner sas a good practices, replicable, exportable and scalable.* OBJECTIVES AND AIMSThrough the sharing, monitoring, analyzing, evaluting experiences, knowledge and best practices, the project is going to deal with the new trend of the intercultural approach. Thus, the project will focus on new ways of young people best involvement in youth projects, educating them to a stronger sense of active citizenship.The main objectives are:- to promote a better understanding of the practices of hosting of refugees and sylum seekers implemented by local communities, so that they could be meant as good practices of integration and ethical and different way of development for the local and international community;- to build initiatives of interactive knowledge among young participants, citizens and refugees hosted in the community though an empathetic approach and with the use of intercultural dialogue and through the production of graffitis and Attack/guerrilla Poetry as a tool to disseminate the stories of the migrants hosted in Andrano;- to develop a new consciousness at local and international level, through replicable, exportable and scalable practices The project is in line with the priorities of the ErasmusPlus Programme, with the objectives of the Renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018), with the recent declaration of the “Declaration of Paris” (2015) and with the italian priorities about integration and education (La buona Scuola).* METHODOLOGIESThe methodologies used for H.O.M.E. meet the requirements of the non-formal learning: the young participants will know the local realities involved in creative strategies for the development of new work opportunities for young people; they will be main actors in order to know, test and make aware interests and ideas about the participation process. Workshops and visits to local activities, icebreaking, team building and problem solving activities with related de-briefing, daily evaluation moments will be the centre of the exchange that will result as a constructive know-how sharing. Finally, thanks to the realization of group game for the transfer of intercultural value, the participants will be involved in a transfer process of knowledge by the peer communication. The youngsters will became protagonists and messengers of Europe in a small reality, far from the main circuits, where people have different conceptions of their role in the society.
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