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Horse Riding and Leisure for people with a mental disability Project 1: Leisure activities and horse riding Project 2: Leisure activities
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Nov 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Triangel Service Center is an organisation supporting children and adults with a (moderate unto deeply) mental handicap (or in combination with other handicaps) handicap. 230 clients are using our residential, 60 our semi-residential care facilities (1/3 children and 2/3 adults). The project is situated within our working and leisure time facilities for adults. This activities are organised for approximately 150 persons. Some of them are there once or twice a week, others every day. 25 stafmembers are responsible for this part of the organisation. 2 long term volunteers are helping them. In this project there are two subprojects with their own accents:“horse riding/sports” (1) and “leisure and working time” (2). The activities that needed to be supported are very various. In the leisure time we speak about swimming, athletics, , dancing, snoezelen, go-car riding, massage, trips, music, horse riding , …..with one or more clients together. In the working time it concerns supporting of activities like art ‘(soap stone, painting, …..), working on our little farm, handcraft (candle and card making, wood, ) or semi-industrial activities. Horse riding consists in horse riding but all the support needed before and after (include taking care of the horses and their stables). Depending on the interests of the volunteers it’s also possible to assists activities in the living units or the specific programs for our elderly clients (organised by the stafmembers of the working and leisure time activities) We start with a kind of introduction period. In this period the volunteers is supporting together with the stafmembers the persons with a mental disability in the working and leisure time places. In this way you can get the opportunity to make contact with the client in their own and safety environment. After this period we can make a choice with you in with activities you can be involved (finding the good match between the interests and the possibilities of the clients and the interests and possibilities of the volunteer) By bringing then in contact with persons with a handicap to give a little contribution to their personal grown and to the way they look to persons with fewer possibilities (open society, equal opportunities and full citizenship). The confrontation with other habbits, languages and cultural backgrounds gives to our clients (and stafmembers) extra possilities (intercultural learning)
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