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The idea of the Project ‘Hopscotch. In Search of Vintage Games’ was to draw the attention of young people away from a sitting, computer-oriented lifestyle and to encourage them to take part in outdoor activities and make them appreciate not only the virtual world. After forming working groups, all students worked following the accepted earlier schedule. All decisions throughout the project were made in a democratic way, and all our activities were based on such values as friendship, trust, tolerance, kindness and honesty. In the beginning all our students exchanged their CVs. Next, working groups produced a questionnaire regarding old games, which was conducted among parents, grandparents and members of the local communities of both schools. Subsequently we have chosen fifteen games, which were named in the working language of the project. It must be mentioned that the students very actively took part in all the stages of the project. They made friends with each other, they still exchange messages, write letters. All of these are in English, which helps them improve their language skills. Thanks to this project, both schools are more involved in international cooperation, and take part in the process of bringing up a modern European citizen. Thanks to the exchange of our experience and knowledge we will prepare a young person for a future life better as well as we are able to improve his physical condition. In both schools the idea of the project was introduced to other students also thanks to the information on the website, which was updated all the time. We also made the project well known in the local community by organizing many different activities and by publishing articles in the local press.
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