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Hooldustöötajate õpirändepraktika
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to provide to Tartu Health Care College care workers to get international experience in their work/practice field and to improve their personal and professional skills. It helps them to be more open to Europa labor market. The participant will be more self confident. The plan is to send 20 students to Germany to do care workers practice/work (4 weeks long practice) during 2015-2017. Project partner have long term experience in care workers education so they suit very well to be this project partners plus we have already one year exchange experience for care workers to Germany and the experience was very good/welcome among participants. Vocational education students who study in care worker curricula in Tartu Health Care College, there is no possibility to perform internship outside of Estonia because of economic reasons. The goal is to raise the mobilities clout on the open labor market and to develop international communication skills. Future participants in a foreign internship as a result of participation in hindsight Germany and Estonia. Methods used in the practical training are conduct of both the trainee and the supervisor based view. In addition to improved through benchmarking participants analytical capability in connection with specialist skills in the assessment and implementation. As the Estonian and German bases and the practice of the nursing staff and the learning process is somewhat different from the European Union as a member of the nursing staff wish to improve the coherence of the transnational competence, it is important to ensure that opportunities to practice cross-border impact, which allows the sharing of experiences and knowledge. Results and participants Student: • have been worked out the functional and thoughtful Mobility Action Plan in detail , which will be implemented with the addition of new foreign partners; • with Germany high school Staatliche Berufsbildende Schule für Gesundheit und Soziales JENA has emerged a strong partnershipin vocational training level; • the higher vocational curriculum have been broadened and strengthened throughout internationalization support activities; Purpose: • 20 care worcer students of higher education curriculum (motivated and without a learning indebtedness, german language speaker) is passed 4 weeks long practical training in Germany; • Mobility is an advanced and professional participants of the german language communication skills in dealing with colleagues and patients; • Participants are familiar with the German practice system, foreign culture, health care system, maintenance management, organizational culture, and the implementation of the principles of customer focus and perform maintenance functions to activate and support patients in german language environment. Method The Project manager will support students during the mission (plan travel timetable, insurance, accommodation, local transportation, meetings, cultural program, etc.), and work out the overall deployment schedule and daily schedules with the host partner. College declare a public competition for the selection of participants. The list of participants is confirmed by the Council and public institutions of higher education in the intranet. Mentoring and supportion for the participants and the participant's personal and professional development in arranged by the head of curriculum / or the international relations specialist to ensure the correct documentation and arranging of the content. Before internship, players will take part of information seminars (about 1 x per month). During the stay participants will contact the college support staff by e-mail or via Skype at least once a week. Preparatory meetings are planned in collaboration with a foreign partner contact. The first meeting will be held for at least one month before the start of the participant mobility and the second just before the start of/ or during the mobility. The impact of the project activities for a student, university, community and national levels is remarkable. The student who is following the foreign internship is more open to a more competitive European Union's labor market. Higher education institutions have developed their own curriculum in line with Germany and Estonia, analysis and comparison of existing activities and promoted the internationalization of the curriculum. The community can be experienced in diverse care worker and a country is affected by the project in particular to promote integration. In the long term, the internationalization supports the foreign law and strengthen partnerships with foreign country.
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