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Home and Abroad in Europe-Intercultural learning through filmaking and music

Home and Abroad in Europe is a project between Cyprus (co-ordinator), Germany, Poland, Portugal, for pupils between 15 and 16. It consists of one film production per country. Each film requires three tasks to be performed by three different partners: filming, script, music. The first task is the filming of life in one's own school's region, while showing traces of European identity there.These silent films, together are exchanged between partners who must, now, write the script for a different film to theirs. Some extra material like the "magic box" with texts pictures,objects, local products and more offer support in interpreting the pictures of the film. Some story may be hidden behind the images.Following this second task, partners exchange the films again, in order to add music to a third film. Partners exchange a music "magic box" this time and choose their musical pieces from in there if desired.Contents may contain traditional musical songs or pieces but their use is not compulsory.It aims at: Raising awareness on European Identity through exploring European cultures. Reinforcing creativity and innovation through film making. Awakening the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship while coping with unknown situations. Developing digital competence through production of films. Encouraging use or raising awareness of foreign languages (English/ German/Portuguese/ Polish ) through film script writing and Comenius visits in the respective countries.All tasks were scheduled in detail so that timetable and allocation of films is followed promptly.Three visits to partners' countries, regular communication/ evaluation on Moodle Platform, dissemination of products on local media were our intentions.They have been succesfully realised in due time.
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