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Hollarka goes to Europe
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

'Hollarka Europe Goes' project was the first project within ERASMUS PLUS, which was applied and successfully implemented by our school 'Vyssi odborna skola a Stredni umelecka skola Vaclava Hollara'. This project followed on from the previous year, which was co-ordinated by our partner - the organization 'Square One o.s.' The target group were our students. The benefit of continuing with this project was that we could benefit from the experience, and improve the relationships with organizations abroad, and even some of the project aspects, which we could elaborate on and improve - especially in terms of creating the learning units and results within the tool of ECVET. Based on this experience and highly positive feedback from both sides - students and foreign partners, we had decided to integrate all the efforts to implement this project in each school year and provide this important experience to the largest number of students possible. Internships have become an important part of school preparation, and an important bridge between studies and the labour market. The possibility of an experience abroad is a unique opportunity not only in terms of professional preparation, but also for the personal development of the student. We believe that this project has significantly benefited our students with respect to future employment and the successful continuation of studies at university. Tangibly proved by the fact that many of our students and graduate fellowships, on completion of their studies at Hollarce, obtain offers of work or study, not only at home, but also abroad. In the project, we realized a total of 16 mobilities in four European destinations: Britain, Germany, Portugal and Spain. To each country we have sent out, within March-April, four students to work with local intermediary organizations . We have found that with most of them, as well as with the host organizations, our previous students have left a positive footprint, so this year our students were very welcomed. The target group for participation were our students, mainly from the VOS colleges. Students had an opportunity during the placement to test their theoretical/practical knowledge and skills in professional media, graphic and advertising studios. This acquisition of new skills, increases their competitiveness and chances on the labour market, not only at home but also internationally. Students can gain also by improving their language skills not only in everyday communication, but also in professional terminology. The outcome of our project is a self-confident artist who is able to apply their talent in practise and be able to move successfully in the commercial world of advertising and media. Following the return of our of students from the internships, we tried to efficiently spread our own experience and awareness of mobility projects, not only within our schools, but also in meetings with teachers at other schools with a similar focus and, dare we say, that our project has inspired other institutions in the Czech Republic.

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