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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Complex of Vocational Schools in Katowice is planning to carry out a project entitled ‘Advertising inspired by Art’, aimed at the third grade students of The Secondary Technical School No13 specialising in the organization of advertising.The main objective of the project is to enhance the students’ technical qualifications in the field of advertising. The 16 participants of the project will be chosen from the students of The Secondary Technical School. They will have a 4 week-vocational training in the town of Malaga in Spain. The training centre of TRIBEKA TRAINING LAB S.L. will be the partner of the project. The centre deals with the promotion, organisation and management of vocational apprenticeships, as well as with educational programmes aimed at students, teachers and European organisations. Having long experience in the field of organising programmes of vocational training, it is capable of preparing an offer of the places for apprenticeship. The choice of Spain as a place to serve apprenticeship will enable the participants of the project direct contact with the best examples of advertising. Malaga and especially the Estepona district is famous for its original solutions in architectonic space arrangement. The other objectives of the project are to enable students to gain working experience in outdoor advertising agencies with the use of modern equipment and technologies, develop their knowledge of English including terminology used in advertising.The accomplishment of the aforementioned objectives will result in improving teaching standards in our school. Taking part in the programme of Erasmus Plus will be an opportunity for the school to enhance the image of our graduates among potential employers, increase their competitiveness in the job market. The programme of the vocational training is compatible with the core curriculum assuming quick adaptation to the rapidly changing job market, and meets the needs of the student. The students will learn how to plan outdoor advertisements and develop their creativity.The participants of the project will acquire a variety of competencies, during the apprenticeship as well as before the training and after its completion, while disseminating the results of the project. The activities prior the apprenticeship will include a series of training covering three areas: cultural, linguistic, and pedagogical-psychological. Within the cultural preparation the students will learn the elements of Spanish art and culture. Moreover, there will be also held two competitions: for a calendar layout and for a project of a mural painting inspired by Polish works of art. The linguistic preparation covers learning English vocational language -10 hours, and learning basics of the Spanish language-25 hours. The school educationalist will conduct workshops on how to resolve conflicts and deal with stress, and the attitude of tolerance towards other cultures. During the vocational training the students will gain knowledge of modern technology and materials employed in outdoor advertising and the organization of a ‘full service’ Spanish outdoor advertising agency. While carrying out projects of mural painting, the students will extend their creative capabilities. Additionally they will be able to develop their social skills and the ability to work within an international team, which necessitates the use of a foreign language. It will have a positive influence on their attitude towards multicultural countries of Europe. Upon arrival, the students will share their experience and knowledge of new technologies and materials. In order to disseminate the results of the project, the participants will present their work. There will be a multimedia presentation concerning the work of P. Picasso. In the community centre there will be arranged an exhibition of designs of folding brochures, visualizations of murals on architectonic objects of both cities, Katowice and Malaga. The addressees of these events will be the students of our school, teachers, students of junior high schools, local community and representatives of local authorities. The results of the project will be presented on the school website, on the website of Katowice and local cultural institutions. The participants of the project will receive certificates of Europass Mobility and Language Passport, which being recognized in many countries, testify to the acquired knowledge, skills and experience. This will increase the competitiveness of our students in the job market, both local and international. While collaborating with the foreign institution, the school will be responsible for the logistics and organisation of the project of the student mobility, including the journey and accommodation, together with the foreign partner will establish the programme and time of the apprenticeship. Our coordinators will monitor the course of the apprenticeship and together with the Spanish partner will prepare the final evaluation.
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