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History On Line

Objective: Promote integration between University history professors, researchers, and students of different European countries involving them in a common effort for the development of an Internet Portal that will become the common point of reference for the innovation of materials and methodologies for history writing, teaching and learning based on the effective use of ICT potential. The Portal will host training packages, developed on the basis of European best practices in the field, to refer to as a guide for the development of innovative methodologies of history analysis and writing, based on the strict correspondence between history interpretation and availability sources used as a reference and on the on-line cooperative writing of history at transnational level Activities: 1) Facilitate the availability and reproduction of historical sources and interpretative materials (original documents, films, photos, classic text etc.) through their assembly and accessibility through Internet based Data Bases and specifically built-up research engines. 2) Develop and experiment with new methods of history writing that exploiting ICT potential in terms of interactivity in order to enhance an autonomous process of understanding historical events and issues for the reader, through the possibility to verify the interpretation of the sources made by the writer, by accessing them directly. 3) Develop and experiment with new forms of historical writing enhancing, through multimedia, the construction of a shared interpretation of historical events at European level, experimenting with forms of transnational on-line cooperative historical writing. Expected Results: 1) Availability of a complete collection of sources, didactic materials and specific research and analysis tools for the interpretation and description of history. 2) Availability of flexible educational packages focusing on exploitation of multimedia potential in order to link their interpretation of the sources used to reconstruct history events, to the availability of the sources themselves, allowing readers to autonomously form their own personal interpretation of the historical event. 3) Creation and testing of an educational package focused on experimenting with a methodology of cooperative online writing of history, in order to enhance a mutual reflection at European level that starting from the different countries perspectives, arrives at the definition of an agreed interpretation of European history.
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