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The starting point is the life of the adult learner and his perception of the major events in the history of the 900. The participating institutions intend to build a collaboration between teachers and students leading to a shared multiperspective vision of the major events in the 900 history , highlighting connections and relationships.The project facilitates participation in the education of adults disadvantaged for socio – economic reasons and lessens the second abandonment, developing some of the key skills provided by 2006 recommendation. LEARNING TO LEARN: methodology starts from the autobiographical dimension and personal experience to support metacognitive processes of observation and knowledge of relevant mechanisms of learning. SOCIAL AND CIVIL SKILLS : promoting new communication means facilitates the reading and interpretation of historical events, providing means for participation in active citizenship to the disadvantaged learners, who live in disadvantaged contexts and who need social and cultural integration.AWARENESS AND CULTURAL EXPRESSION: intercultural comparison process highlights different ways of identification and representation of oneself, linked to changes in working contexts and productive ways; it compares between them the socio – economic realities of the countries involved, including those from which the students come as migrants.
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