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Historical games and plays (lawn and board games)
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are passionate about history and historical education of different age groups. In the course of our activities we popularize history and tradition, bearing in mind the importance of appropriate methods of communication adjusted to the target group.History is inspiring and interesting, but its popularization methods are not always able to intrigue a potential recipient.Therefore, the main objective of the project is the replacement of tools and methods with active and creative ways of showing history by using board games and outdoor activities and plays from different historical periods as a tool of non-formal education. Additional objectives are :- Meeting other enthusiasts of the history of the Middle Ages from other countries- Exchange of experience of what historical reenactment and promoting history look like in their countries- To learn what board games and outdoor plays are popular at their festivals- How to use the games to learn about the history and mentality of the people of a particular historical period- Exchange of experience on effective methods of promoting and advertising of historical events- Joint effort on organizing the event "Old Olympic Games" for the local community here in Poland.The Exchange involves 4 countries: Poland, Italy, Great Britain and Lithuania. Each country will be represented by 4 participants and a leader. 20 people altogether.The Exchange is supposed to involve people of greatest passion for history and Deal with historical re-enactment and promoting history in their local communities by participating in historical festivals and organizing meetings about the history and traditions in their home towns .The event will take place in Kwiatkówek – a place with a long history, with an open air museum (skansen) and a medieval hill fort – a perfect place for lovers of history to meet and jointly implement activities.The working methods we have chosen refer to the historical exchange theme . As people involved in the re-enactment, we try to transfer the methods of life at those times to the present. These methods include mass meetings called “WIEC”, division of task groups patterned on "guilds" with the leader of each group a "master ", use of replicas (mostly games ) of this period and historical costumes (role play), working together when putting up a Medieval camp. During the exchange we wish to share our knowledge about the functioning of our groups, teach participants different historical games and how to use them to promote history. Together we will develop a concept and will organize an event "Old Olympic Games" for the local community. The acquired knowledge will be shared with the local community by presenting games from different parts of Europe. We will learn about other countries and cultures during evenings and historical - cultural evening sessions.The aim of the exchange is also to create an exchange network to maintain contact so that we could continue international cooperation. During the preparation of the project (exchange), the involved have come up with ideas for further action in other countries for the dissemination of historical knowledge through the methods of non-formal education .During the exchange we will prepare a brochure, which will also show the rules of the presented board games and outdoor activities. The brochure will be published on partners’ sites and will be promoted through other channels such as social network, email. The partner groups will present those games as a method of non-formal transfer of knowledge about history during activities in their countries (workshops , demonstrations and participation in festivals, historical ).The impact on participants:In European countries, we can notice a growing interest in the history and curiosity about how people lived in earlier times . More and more groups of historical reenactment emerge, the reenactment of important historical events take place. Such activities attract young people due to their interactive form, which allows to "touch the history." Such events are very valuable and memorable for the participants .
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